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Friday Round-up

Posted By Jenny On February 1, 2013 @ 8:54 am In Uncategorized | 37 Comments

For me, it’s not Ravens vs. 49ers. It’s Queso Fundido [1] (above) vs. Chips with homemade liquid Nacho Cheese Sauce [2].

In-restaurant Childcare [3]? Now there’s an idea.

In honor of Schoolhouse Rock [4] turning 40, I watched this [5] 17 times yesterday. (“He even has the nerve to tax our cup of tea; To put it kindly, King, we really don’t agree” was the lyric on a continual loop in my brain from 2004-2006.)

Speaking of birthdays, Grand Central Terminal turns 100 today [6]. Dad, I’ll meet you [7] at the Oyster Bar!

How do I get my children to love me as much as Lena Dunham loves her mother? She goes deep with Alec Baldwin on Here’s the Thing [8].

Related: I don’t know how I ever made it through a workout without the Girls Vol 1 soundtrack [9]. (Specifically tracks 1, 4, 9)

Aunt Trish visited us all the way from Hong Kong this week and arrived bearing a quintessentially NYC treat: Black & White cookies [10]. I think we’re going to attempt them in our own kitchen this weekend.

Which reminds me that I need to replenish my Cacao Barry [11] supply (especially with Valentine’s Day coming up).

Are trophies a waste of time? [12] (You know what I have to say [13] about that.)

Only bad thing about Luisa’s new series “Cooking for Hugo [14]” is that it wasn’t around when I was feeding my own babies.

I want one [15].

For parents of George O’Connor crazies: Have you pre-ordered Poseidon [16]?

For anyone looking for extremely pleasurable ways to spend an hour, check out this story [17] about a pickpocket extraordinaire.

For anyone looking to spend an hour on an important piece of journalism, you can’t do much better than this [18].

If you’re in need of some good music to accompany your Super Bowl stromboli [19]preparation, check this [20]out.

Have a good weekend.

P.S. In case you’re wondering why everyone’s commenting about the Lodge cast iron skillet [21], it was featured as the giveaway in this week’s newsletter. To be eligible for the next freebie (and for the latest recipes, news, and DALS events) please sign up for my newsletter/mailing list [22].

Photo by Romulo Yanes for Bon Appetit.  It was part of a story I wrote on Hors D’oeuvres [23] and starters back in October. 



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