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Who Needs Playmobil?

Posted By jenny On March 31, 2010 @ 11:00 am In Rituals | 1 Comment

This post really has no business being on this blog — except for the fact that Paper Doll Command Central happens to be at the kitchen table, especially during long stretches of unscheduled spring breaks. You are looking at Alexandra and Claire, two paper dolls in my daughters’ collection of about three hundred (each with her own name). It works like this: the kids tell me what kind of doll they want me to draw, I do my best to sketch it (not always with grand success; they are still making fun of my attempt at Juliana, a half-princess, half-horse), then they are in charge of coloring, cutting, naming, then (most important) playing with them. I find if I put in a good thirty minutes with them on it, they disappear for hours, diving into elaborate adventures through imaginary worlds. And then I am free to make dinner.

During a looong snow day last year, I bought some poster board at the local stationery store and drew a few scenes for them. They lined up their poster boards in the living room and had the characters jump from place to place and room to room. My favorite, of course, was the restaurant, decorated with real photographs.


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