“Mom, can you help me pick out what song should be in my head today?” Abby asked me this yesterday as we were in the throes of the morning scramble. (My next website, Breakfast: A Hate Story). I took the request as a lucky break, considering I was at that very moment grabbing strawberry jam from the fridge praying that neither she, nor her sister, nor her father would launch into Michael Jackson’s “Jam” as soon as they saw the jar on the table…thereby firmly planting the horrendously horrendous chorus in my head all day long. (Do you remember this song? The one that featured Michael Jordan in the video and that, for me, is impossible to separate from images of college girls dancing in Donna Karan body suit tops and high-waisted jeans? The fact that this song is so front-row-center on all our brains should give you some idea of the level of MJ-obsession we are dealing with in our house right now.)

I threw out a few options for Abby’s cranial playlist — while stealthily spreading jam on her toast — until she finally settled on The Black-eyed Peas “I Gotta Feeling,” which her class is performing at her school’s “Field Day” next week. And then I returned the jam to the fridge way in the the back…behind the TraderAdes, behind the mustard, behind a high wall of pickle jars.

Fresh Strawberry Spread (Not Jam)

Slice up a medium bushel of de-stemmed strawberries (about 1 1/2 cups) and add to a small saucepan with about 1/3 cup sugar and the juice from one juicy lemon. Let the mixture cook on low heat for about 10 minutes until everything is syrupy. Cool, then whirl in a food processor for about three seconds. Store in a clean jam jar for up to a week. Spread on toast (or toasted pound cake, as shown above), waffles, pancakes, or drizzle into vanilla ice cream for strawberry sundaes.

Speaking of Strawberries: This week is “Strawberry Week” at Babble’s The Family Kitchen. All week long: parfaits, pies, granitas, ice cream, fools!

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Would you say that this formula could be used for other fruits (blueberries, cherries, peaches)? Because I love homemade jelly/preserves but I refuse to do canning – too time sucking and really, how long does this stuff need to last? In my house… not long! It’s too yummy to be sitting around!


Jill – I’ve never tried it with any other fruit, but I would imagine it would work with blueberries and peaches (peeled peaches). Anyone else have an educated opinion here? I don’t officially can either. It’s not a statement of any kind — it just intimidates me.


Thanks. Now I have MIchael Jackson’s “Jam” running through my head. I am going to curse you back with Rod Stewart’s “Forever Young.”


By the way in the picture of the kitchen in the post about the red chairs, the kitchen looks fabulous.


Just made this last night – YUM, YUM! The strawberries at my local farmers market were PERFECT this week. I’m going to try it with cherries next!


I made this on Sunday and ate it with the Barefoot Contessa’s raisin scones. My husband and I sat with the doors of our apartment open overlooking the canals of Amsterdam. The perfect Sunday morning breakfast. Thanks!