In-N-Out Burgers & Baked Potatoes

“Now this is the kind of dinner I can get into.” That’s what my husband said when he sat down to the table with four plates that looked exactly the same (a rarity). The menu: California-style turkey burgers and baked potatoes topped with sour cream and caramelized onions. I usually mix in a little barbecue sauce to the ground turkey (dark ground turkey a must) before I roll out the meat (underneath plastic wrap) but this time I just salted. As for the rolling? It really makes no discernible difference in

the way the burger tastes, but it prevents the patties from shriveling up into little hard hockey pucks. And psychologically I love that it feels so In-N-Out. (I say this having never patronized an In-N-Out, by the way.) After the burgers are fried, I add a little mayo, a little mustard, one leaf of bibb lettuce, a tomato, and sandwich it between whole wheat buns that I pick up at Trader Joe’s. Final touch: Little pickles, aka cornichons.

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Normally, my family makes alternate suggestions when I tell them it’s turkey burger night… That is, until, I made this recipe for turkey burgers. Rolling them out and pan-frying them makes ALL the difference. They’re not like the dried-out ones I’ve made in the oven!!!! Love this recipe!