Easiest White Bean Soup

This is a true story: When I wrote up the Easiest White Bean Soup for The Weekday Vegetarians (page 78), I actually asked myself: Is it too easy? As in, will anyone learn anything from making this recipe? Turns out, when the clock strikes 7:00, dinner-makers care less about learning something new and more about feeding the hungry charges at their table; it remains one of the most popular of the book. And for those of you who don’t own TWV, you’re in luck: The lovely Sarah Copeland, cookbook author at the helm of Edible Living (and my sometimes-vegetarian-sister-in-arms) has excerpted the soup recipe over on her page. I’m pretty sure that could be your dinner tonight.

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haha before I read the title I was just drawn to the photo which I thought was beans and pesto toast on a beautiful white plate … missed the soup part 🙂


I made this tonight – including every topping! Will use the make pesto later this week for the green spaghetti and next time maybe just do store-bought if it’s only for the soup. We loved it so much. what’s funny is I was somehow avoiding it because it seemed too easy. Hahaha. But it was a fantastic soup, especially with the croutons, scallions, and pesto. Thank you!!