Eating in Front of the TV

Of all the rituals we have in our house—and we have a lot of them—the hands-down family favorite has got to be eating dinner in front of the TV. (What the what??) To hear all about it, head over to Food52. They’ve excerpted the story from How to Celebrate Everythingwhich is out in four short days!

(And this delicious looking Chickpea, Broccolini, Salami Pizza? It’s perfect TV Food. Recipe in HTCE. Photo by Chelsea Cavanaugh. See you on the couch!)

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Yes! Friday nights in our house are movie (netflix or xfinity on-demand) and homemade pizza (usually your hawaii’n). My son especially loves that he does NOT have to set the table. win-win!


That pizza looks amazing!!! And loved hearing you say this – it’s a cherish weekend ritual in my house when a good movie sounds like the perfect dinner accompaniment. Have a great weekend!

Karen Morrow

We have lots, but Saturday night pizza night with homemade pizza, salad and brownies is a favorite. One day I hope my boys invite their friends over. We even do it when we are traveling to Nana’s and Grandma’s and when we rent a condo.


Growing up we always had pizza on the floor in the living room and called it a “Pizza Picnic.” It was a special thing we did each week that I always looked forward to.


My husband and I call Thursdays “Best night of the week.” It’s the one night I don’t cook during the week and we get some kind of take out and eat it in front of the TV. It’s fun to talk about what we are going to get that night and it’s a guaranteed plans-free evening where we just enjoy relaxing– plus no dishes! Can’t wait for it to be part of my future children’s rituals as well.