Friday Eating & Reading

What We’re Eating and Reading (and Watching and Listening to) This Week:

A few weeks ago, my neighbors sent me the “Saturday in the Park” Box from Brooklyn Larder to thank us for our patience during their construction project. In addition to it being a very nice gesture, I’ve been replicating the spread on my own ever since with great success.

In honor of legendary New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff stepping down: This memorable Fresh Air interview.

I don’t even know if I want to eat this ratatouille — but I really want to serve it to guests and gape at it.

I bought this book for my daughters, my niece, and all the girls who marched with me so they never forget that most excellent and empowering day.

I made Spoonful cry — and I’m not sorry!

NYC Parents: A Meal-Kit delivery service for babies and kids.

Smitten Kitchen’s One-Pan Farro Dinner Obsession.

The rise and fall of food writing.

In the “late the the party” category: Night Of on HBO. Wowowowow. (Also, thank you to the reader who recommended Borgen! We are loving it!)

Sleepless in Seattle meets the Food Network in Sugar, a debut novel by Kimberly Stuart.

How to make your kid good at anything.

Case you were wondering, I’m still obsessed with the How I Built This podcast. Most recently loved hearing the story of DryBar, started by a Alli Webb, who went from stay-at-home mom to head of a 100-million-dollar company in five years.

A Silicon Valley liberal travels across the country to have conversations with Trump supporters.

Finally the recipes for Hot Sex Milk and Strawberry Rose Geranium Bars! Finally a Moon Juice book! (via this episode of the Bon Appetit Foodcast)

My friend Christy combined this sweet kimono onesie and a matching “spunky” huggybuddy for a perfect newborn baby gift.

Apropos of nothing, a vow: I’m making a point not to be on my iPhone while waiting in line for registers — whether it’s at the coffee shop, the grocery store, the train station ticket booth, wherever. Not only will it mean that I won’t hold up the line (there’s always that special someone who is too busy texting to know he or she is next up) but I might even open myself up to more spontaneous conversations.

Lastly, an exclusive offer for DALS readers from new partner Thrive Market (think Costco meets Whole Foods). Sign up today for free, and save an extra 25% off your first order plus free shipping. They carry all the VIP natural brands — Bob’s Red Mill, Annie’s Homegrown, Earth’s Best, Seventh Generation, Weleda — as well as hard-to-find gluten-free, Paleo, and gourmet goodies.

Have a great weekend.
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I also LOVE How I Built This (except for Guy Roz’s constant incredulous tone – he’s wowed and amazed by the littlest details but I give him a pass since he’s a pretty good interviewer).

And, I’ve also stopped getting on my phone while waiting in lines or waiting in public places. I have to say I’d forgotten how much I love people-watching, and how great that is for passing a few minutes of time. Much better than facebook in 5 minute spurts!

Jessica Ireland

Since you love The Night Of, I must INSIST you and Andy both immediately read Lush Life, by Richard Price (who is the screenwriter of TNO). You will not be able to put it down, and I swear up and down it is one of the best, most overlooked novels, from (who I think) is the MASTER of realistic dialogue. I hope you do, and if so please let me know how much you love it 😉
~ Jessica


Love your vow. I made a similar one about 6 months ago. First thing I noticed – how many people are lost in their virtual world! But I have had interesting conversations, learned new things and even had a couple good ideas while my mind was not stuck on email Facebook or Wordament!


I usually love all your link round-ups, but $6 for 7 ounces of baby food, really? Spend an hour cooking (none of these kid-friendly recipes are complicated or have exotic ingredients), portion it out and freeze, it is not rocket science.

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