Friday Round-up

Is one of these too much to ask for when I wake up on Sunday?

What to eat when you’re pregnant.

If I am to believe everything I read, the Spiralizer might just be the way to world peace? (Certainly zucchini pasta with fava bean pesto and grilled shrimp is reason enough to purchase.)

Those long stretches I sit in the car waiting for my kids to get out of practice? Now that this is queued up on audible, I don’t mind at all.

Empathy Cards designed by a cancer survivor.

Would you pay $600 for a 22-day vegan delivery service? (Jay-Z and Beyonce are counting on it.)

Confessions of a Frozen-Pizza-Loving Cookbook Author

Dreaming of a career switch? Or want to go back to work after staying at home for a while? This site is Inspiration Central. (Thanks Laurie!)

An insane Four-Layer Chocolate Birthday Cake. There will be Nutella.

“Turns out it was the mess that mattered most.” Why we cherish marked-up, dog-eared, grease-splattered cookbooks.

First Time’s a Charm! I could watch the video of his family a thousand times.

It’s not just Mom Season, it’s Picnic Season. To celebrate, my friends at Applegate are offering a FREE Picnic Kit to one lucky DALS reader. Includes: Cooler, a coupon for bread, blanket, ring toss (!), Sir Kensington Condiments, and of course a handsome supply of Applegate’s preservative-free, all-natural lunch meats. One person will be chosen at random — all you have to do to be eligible is post something Picnic-ish or Mother’s Day-ish or just simply Delicious-ish on Facebook or Instagram then tag me and Applegate (here’s their Facebook & Instagram) so we can find you. Deadline: Sunday, May 10 at 5:00 PM ET. Good luck everyone!

Egg sandwich photo credit: Christopher Testani for Bon Appetit.


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I’m doing a picnic today with some other moms and kids – it’s in the fridge and ready to go! But am I eligible to enter from Canada? I wish more giveaways would specify.


I have a Spiralizer. I used it once. It was a pain to use and clean and and seemed to waste a lot of vegetable matter. I went back to making noodles with my mandoline which came with three different sized shredding blades. Slightly more dangerous but easier to use and clean.


Love love the baseball link
Your round up of links always make me happy


Please tell me I’m not alone in getting teary-eyed watching the baseball video…