How to Celebrate…Tomatoes

Anyone who has been following this blog for even a little while knows that the Tomato Sandwich, in our house, is not so much something to eat for lunch as it is a…religion. We dedicate Saturday mornings to tracking down the best tomatoes we can find, then we sit on the patio and discuss the finer points of their excellence. It’s one of our oldest family rituals, and one I feel pretty certain the kids will hold on to for a good long time. What better way, then, to launch How to Celebrate Everything than with this video ode to the non-recipe recipe? This is the first in a five-part series, produced by the masterful (and masterfully generous) Edouard Nammour, which will hopefully illustrate that the best family rituals are almost always the simplest. (It also doesn’t hurt if they are mindblowingly delicious.) I hope you enjoy!

I’m so hungry.

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My husband introduced me to the tomato sandwich seventeen years ago and I love it almost as much as I love him. We use way more mayo in ours, which contributes the feeling of decadence and indulgence.


Perfect and simple. I know nothing else is needed, but I confess to using bacon grease and black pepper in addition.

Beck @ Golden Pudding

What a cute video! And what blissful looking tomatoes! My perfect memory of a summer tomato sandwich uses similar bread, but axes the mayo and adds a smear of pate instead. My mum’s homemade pate and homegrown tomatoes, so no wonder I can rarely match it these days 🙂


i never liked tomatoes until i was somewhere in my early 30s…i’ve been making up for lost time ever since! i may have to eat one of these sammies for supper tonight!

Libby Monaghan

My doctor told me she wanted me to try a low-carb diet. And I was like, “fine… but it’s going to have to wait until tomato season is over because tomato sandwiches.” And she understood completely.


This is, of course, the perfect post to come across when I’ve just brought home 3 types of tomatoes from our CSA – a reminder that sometimes, simple is best!


Now I feel bad because I’ve never tried a tomato sandwich before. Definitely going to get the necessary fixings (errr… well, you know, tomatoes) for one the next time I’m at the store!