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There’s a lot going on in the headlines these days, and not always the kinds of things we feel like celebrating with a stack of candle-lighted pancakes or emoji cupcakes. If I’ve learned anything in the process of writing the book you’re looking at above, though, one of the most comforting things we can do — for our children, for our communities, for ourselves — is create meaningful ways to connect with each other day after day, week after week, year after year. Sunday dinners, birthday breakfasts, pizza Fridays, autumn block parties, post-game ice cream cones. These are the small moments that add up to big memories. Especially when there’s a big plate of soy-glazed pork chops served right alongside ’em.

How to Celebrate Everything, my ode to family ritualsis out today and I hope you like it. If the spirit moves you, please tag me on any social feeds (or just use the hashtag #howtocelebrateeverything) so I can be part of your celebration, however big or small. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. As of this morning, you can also find me on this nifty video below, produced by my friend and superstar, Ed Nammour.

Lastly, I’d be remiss if I didn’t extend a heartfelt thanks to you guys, for all your support with my books these past few years. It’s what keeps me going — quite literally — and I am so grateful.

Yours in celebration,

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I pre-ordered the book and just received it today–so, so great! This is a book I want to savor when I have a bit more time, but I had to open it and look through it while I drank my coffee. I love it already. Love your stories, love the pictures and love the overwhelming sentiment that family is the most important thing. Congratulations and thank you.

Laurie Mobley

I hear from Amazon that my pre-order is waiting for me at home… so excited to get it splattered and broken in like your other books! We love them…

Oneida christensen

I am so excited! My husband has bought a cookbook by you for me for the two of the last 3 of my birthdays. I guess it’s our way of “celebrating” ha. I will probably have to wait until my birthday in a December to get this, but I CANT WAIT!!! Also because we have been on a journey of trying to celebrate more…neither of us are celebrators – we go to chipotle for our anniversary and skip birthday celebrations unless it’s a “big” one. I really want to make memories and cultivate celebration for us and our two girls, so this is just the thing! Thank you honesty, humor, and love, we sure appreciate it over here!


Just sat on the couch and read it cover to cover, abandoning all evening responsibilities. Without a doubt, your best one yet (and that’s saying a lot since DALS is so well worn in this house it practically cooks dinner for us). Absolutely loved it.


Just got it – pre-ordered in June! And, sent a copy to my best friend. Just like I do with all of your books. Congratulations!! So excited to crack it open.


I got my copy last night and felt a real kinship with you reading about your family’s background. I was raised a southern Jew, my husband a New England Anglican. We are both committed agnostics, raising our son (and our Boston terrier puppy!) in a “celebrate it ALL” household. I sometimes wonder how we are screwing up here, but your book gives me hope. Can’t wait to have a few moments to finish reading and begin trying some new recipes! Cheers!


that is so crazy @awads. i’m very glad we found each other! (and thanks for buying the book, means a lot!)

Allyson Kitchel

Jenny, going to your website is like a reminder from a friend that I can do this. Because holy cow, feeding my 3-under-6 crowd in a house with two full time jobs plus scouts plus baseball plus PTA is flipping HARD. And sometimes I feel like I just can’t. Then I remember my internet friend Jenny. Who assures me I can. And she sent me her new book. So yay!


I also just received my copy and actually used your meatball recipe last night for dinner. It was so different with the lemon zest, and delicious!! Thanks for putting your stories into print and sharing with the rest of us. You inspire me to clock my family’s own rituals and celebrations from day-to-day life and I couldn’t be more excited!