Spritzes, Easy Grilled Fish, Online Food Gifts

Good morning! I spent a good part of yesterday writing, walking…and fuming about the new John Bolton book, which I refuse to link to because I don’t want anyone to buy it. Where was Trump’s former national security adviser when it actually mattered? And I still can’t believe his offer to testify in the impeachment trial — apparently confirming every single accusation — was blocked by Senate Republicans. Tonight at dinner, we’re doing our online training for Adopt-a-State — if you haven’t yet signed on to fight for a battleground state, I encourage you to check it out. Here are three decidedly less infuriating things happening in our kitchen…

Pantry: Aperol Spritz

Your weekly cocktail dispatch: The ultimate summer drink, an Aperol Spritz, best enjoyed alongside a bowl of salty potato chips with a water view. Or, I guess, a sprinkler view. Recipe right on the bottle: Fill a wine glass with ice, combine equal parts Prosecco and Aperol and a splash of soda water. Garnish with orange slice.

Project: Grilled Trout (or Salmon) with Creamy-Tangy Sauce

Back in April, the very nice people at Hudson Valley Fisheries sent me some sustainably raised steelhead trout, which reminded me of Arctic char (MVP fish in my book) in consistency and richness. It was delicious and would be amazing on your grill this summer. We ate it with ramp pesto (above), but since ramps are long gone from markets, I suggest serving it (or, salmon if that’s easier to get your head around) with a creamy-tangy mustard dill sauce: Approximating here, but whisk together 3/4 cup plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons Dijon mustard, 2 tablespoons fresh dill, 1 teaspoon prepared horseradish, a good squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Taste and adjust accordingly. For more on the trout or to order, check out Hudson Valley Fisheries.

Purpose: Food Gifts

I’m a little too late recommending Father’s Day gifts, but check out these online food gifts (including JuneBaby’s prized Red Flint Cornbread Mix, above) that I wrote about for Cup of Jo. Perfect if you want to send something to a friend or grad or quarantined soul mate for his or her birthday…or just because you’re thinking of them. Bonus: All sourced from black-owned businesses — with a lot of other fun-sounding suggestions in the comments. Please bookmark for future reference.

Stay safe.

The goal of the Project, Pantry, Purpose series to keep us sane, distracted, connected, and USEFUL. It began in March 2020. Please continue to comment below with suggestions for recipes, projects (for kids and adults), good deeds, donation ideas, stories, movies, games, puzzles. Or just tell me how you’re doing, what your daily routine is, and especially how DALS can help you or people in your community. You can also email me directly at jenny@dinneralovestory.com.

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Jenny, we said the same thing in my house about John Bolton – where was his backbone when this was HAPPENING? And his blames the HOUSE democrats, even still?


Ok this is not meant to be criticism per se… but anyone eating fish in 2020 should see the Dan Barber (of Blue Hill at Stone Barns fame) Ted talk on sustainable fisheries. The talk alone is a work of art but the message is ‘words to the wise”. It’s one of my favorite TT’s, but also while you’re there check out his other one on fois gras, it is just beautiful as well.

Dan Barber: How I fell in love with a fish

Kate Gales

Your posts are a joy to read! I learn new things from your blog every time I read it, like the Adopt a state program. I had no idea! Great job and keep it coming.

Lara Ramsey

I hope you adopted North Carolina! I’m an NC native who has lived in Chicago for nearly 20 years, and I’m so happy to be able to volunteer for my home state.