Summer Photo Contest

As my daughter reminds me every single morning: Summer is almost over. The truth is, up here in the north, it’s not. My family still has a solid four weeks left — sorry southerners — including a beach vacation just around the corner. (Though my twelve-year-old fatalist will also tell you,”Vacation is almost over” even though it hasn’t even started yet.) Four weeks, one week, whatever you’ve got left, I’m assuming you want to hold on to it as long as you possibly can. To help you out, I’m going to give you a little incentive and that is this:

Dinner: A Love Story’s First Annual Summer Photo Contest, sponsored by Tweed Wolf, the photo album company that does every single thing for for you when it comes to putting together an album.

The Rules: Send your best summer photo to jenny AT with the subject head “Summer Photo Contest” along with a caption describing what is taking place and where. (By sending your photo and your description to me, you acknowledge that I can use it on this website, as well as on any of my social media platforms including Facebook, twitter, and instagram.)

The Prize: The winner will get a FREE customized album from Tweed Wolf.

The Guidelines: Think jumping-off-pier action shots (like above); portraits of ice cream covered little faces; still lives with gin-and-tonics; beatific, golden-lit al fresco family dinner compositions! Before you send in, ask yourself, Does this photo shout summer? If so, it’s a good bet. Please only one photo per family. Deadline: September 5, 2016.

The Bonus: Even if you don’t win, all DALS readers get $50 off a Tweed Wolf Signature Album through September 30. (Use code CelebrateEverything when you check out.) Thanks Tweed Wolf!!

P.S. To those of you who are new to Tweed Album, this is how it works: 1) Send them all your photos 2) They sort and cull them as well as edit each one 3) You see an album proof and can request edits 4) Once you’re thrilled, they print, bind, and ship your beautiful, hardcover book. GOOD LUCK!
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We got a Tweed Wolf album the last time you ran a promotion- I would never have heard of them otherwise.

We just got our albums a few weeks ago (I’m slow) and they are GORGEOUS.