The Weekday Vegetarians: Get Simple

Friends! News! I’d like to introduce you to my next book, The Weekday Vegetarians: Get Simple, which will be published in August, and is available for pre-order as of TODAY. How badly do you want to eat the cover?

Here is a brief list of the kind of people who might enjoy Get Simple: Busy people. Smart people. Meat-loving people (for real). People who enjoy this newsletter! People who look at their bagged “spring mix” salads with bottled dressing every night and think There must be more to life vegetables than this? People who have received a text from their college grad saying HELP! How do I cook for myself? People who have uttered any of the following statements out loud or silently, existentially, as they slide yet another tray of chicken thighs into the oven:

  • I would love to cook more vegetarian meals, but I could never convince my meat-and-potatoes family to eat them.
  • I would love to cook more vegetarian meals, but I don’t want to eat pasta and cheese all the time.
  • I would love to cook more vegetarian meals, but I’m feeding ravenous children who need protein.
  • I would love to cook more vegetarian meals, but I don’t know how to make plant-based food actually taste good.
  • And especially: I would love to cook more vegetarian meals, but it’s so complicated.

Get Simple picks up where The Weekday Vegetarians left off. If the first book gave you a real-life plan for eating less meat (without giving it up completely), Get Simple takes it a step further, addressing the most common obstacles that prevent dinner-makers from taking the plant-based leap. Get Simple is so packed with strategies to streamline vegetarian cooking, that for a while the working title was “Shortcut City.”

And of course, Get Simple is also packed with easy, beautiful recipes, all photographed by Christine Han. These technicolor tacos take under 25 minutes to get on the table…

…There are chapters devoted to dinner salads, one-pot meals, soup-and-salad nights, and hearty comfort-food dishes. There are tons of quick skillet recipes that have been very hard to keep from you all these months. There is an entire section called Store-Bought Saviors, devoted to the products I turn to again and again for help with the dinner effort. (That five-ingredient pizza up there? You’ll never not pick up Boursin at the supermarket again.) There are tacos and crepes (!) and dinner-worthy sandwiches, and pizzas because I know you have a crowd to please.

I think you’re going to love it.

As always, thank you for your support from the bottom of my chickpea-loving heart.

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Anna Lehnardt

Eeek!!!! This is so exciting because our family LOVES ,and I mean seriously completely adores, Weeknight Vegetarians. Thanks to you, my 2yo and 4yo devoured tofu and green beans last night, and they both cleaned their plates tonight when we made the artichoke and parm quiche. Did I mention that my 2yo hates eggs? As in, NeverHasHeEverActuallySwallowedEggBefore? You are magic and we will be counting the days until your new book comes out.