Vanilla Pudding with Extras

As loyal readers probably know
, we here in Dinner: A Love Story Land love our homemade pudding. I started making it when the girls were little as an easy way to get them to “drink their milk” — the recipe calls for 2 cups of organic milk — but over the years we’ve adultified it (yes, adultified is a word…as of today) with some dare-I-say dinner-party worthy toppings. (Pudding Bar anyone?) There’s shaved chocolate and banana chip (best when the chips are a chopped so you get some texture in every bite); there’s toasted coconut and blueberry (my favorite); there’s whatever-fruit-is-in-season (winter combo of pineapple and orange sections is amazing); and finally, crushed Nilla wafers and fresh bananas, which is a nod to Magnolia’s famous banana pudding, just much easier to create. As we head into comfort-food season, I wanted to send you over to Food52, where you can find more details, including the recipe. Happy Monday everyone!

This piece was created in partnership with Food52 & Milklife. Photo credit: Bobbi Lin for Food 52. 

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Unfortunately, food52 has not been available to readers from Europe for a while – something to do with ensuring “we can best protect your data under new privacy regulations”. But man, they have been ensuring this for weeks and weeks now.


Agreed, Annette! This has been so frustrating – especially when I can’t even read content from some of my favourite blogs!


I love this recipe- been making it for ages. I recently made it and subbed a couple of tablespoons of bourbon for a couple of tablespoons of the milk. It was a good life decision.


Here’s the direct link!

As the mother of two girls (12 1/2 and almost 7) I LOVED your post on CoJ – couldn’t agree more. I’d also add to talk, talk, talk about friendships and relationships from an early age so that it’s totally normative (says the psychologist who specializes in adolescent girls 🙂 )


The vanilla pudding looks so good~ and it sounds easy to make for a clumsy girl like me. Thank you for sharing the recipe! I can’t wait to try.

Colin Matthews

Vanilla pudding and bananas go together so perfectly, especially if the vanilla pudding isn’t overly sweet. The sugar in the bananas beautifully enhances the flavor of the pudding and it’s just, well, perfect.