Letter of Agreement

September 7th, 2010 · 51 Comments · Domestic Affairs, Favorites, Organizing, Strategizing, Planning, Posts by Andy, Rituals

What to do when packing the dreaded school lunch threatens to pull apart your marriage? Draw up a contract.

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The Turtledoves Have it Figured Out

July 2nd, 2010 · 1 Comment · Baking and Sweets, Children's Books, Gifts, Culture, Domestic Affairs, Kitchenlightenment

From The Cricket in the Thicket, by Aileen Fisher (1963), a book given to me by my best friend’s mom, Rosa*, when Abby was born. It was my friend’s favorite book when she was little.

Shall we all work on our nodding and cooing?

*Yes! Rosa of Rosa’s Mud Cake!

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