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August 4th, 2010 · 6 Comments · Dinner, Pork and Beef, Time for Dinner: The Cookbook

I never knew how beautiful the words “In Stock” could look. Until I saw them under our cookbook which, according to readers and friends, is now being delivered to your homes and bookstores around the country. This is part of the note that just arrived in my inbox from Christina in Oregon:

…Now the reason for this email. Um…….THANK YOU! Thank you and your co-authors for this compilation. I consider myself an average to better than average cook and can confidently say I know my way around the kitchen. What you managed to do is allow me to see my kitchen anew…..I love the entire book but especially the I WANT TO HAVE A FAMILY DINNER WHERE WE ALL EAT THE SAME MEAL, and your I WANT SOMETHING SIMPLE, FAST AND HARD TO SCREW UP chapters. Using a muffin tin to make meals more enticing for kids, clearing out the fridge and dishing it up as an appealing smorgasbord, using the waffle iron for grilled cheese sandwiches? None of this is rocket science, none of it requires extra work from me, it’s all there right in front of me and yet I didn’t see it until you pointed it out to me. I could go on and on but I want to save it for the amazon review.  Thank you and your collaborators for the wonderful gem Time for Dinner has turned out to be.

In honor of this day — and in honor of Christina…Bless you, Christina — I wanted to share a recipe from “Chapter 5: I Want to Use What I Already Have.” Well sort of. This is a slightly different version of the steak-and-chard hash in Time for Dinner, but it’s every bit as awesome. Why? For starters, the meal takes advantage of the (more…)

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