Friday Round-up

When I have a bag of pre-mixed cobbler topping ready to go, I am always a half hour away from the best summer dessert. (Also nice if you’re traveling somewhere and don’t want to buy or schlep all your baking supplies.)

Is it November 4 yet? Just pre-ordered what is sure to be the cookbook of fall 2014.

Super-cool trick for cutting small tomatoes.

The Lost Art of Conversation. The link is old, but the topic will never be.

Beastie-fans-turned-parents will freaking love this.

Hooray! Bon Appetit‘s Best New Restaurant nominees are out.

I’ve always been impressed by Times reporter C.J. Chivers, but I think I’m more impressed with his 12-year-old, striped-bass-filleting son.

Speaking of kids in the kitchen: I had a quart of buttermilk in danger of going bad, so yesterday I handed my girls two recipes: Blueberry Buttermilk Muffins (winner; bookmark it!) and Buttermilk Ranch salad dressing. (We’ll get to striped bass ceviche some day.)

This might be one of Roz Chast’s all-time greatest cartoons. Maybe because it describes the exact the way I get things done.

Still a few weeks of summer left to squeeze in a seafood boil.

Why sales of packaged, processed foods are declining. 

In my fantasy of fantasies, my walk-in pantry will one day look like this. (But first: a house with a walk-in pantry!)

Book Update. Look what landed on my doorstep this week! Publication is two weeks away, but I have a few readings/events lined up that I wanted you to know about: September 9Spoken Interludes (Hastings-on-Hudson, NY); September 13 Powerhouse on 8th (Brooklyn); September 21  “A Barn Raising Brunch” (Great Barrington, MA); October date TBD: Mom2Mom (Chicago). Hope to see you on the road!

You can pre-order Dinner: The Playbook from all the usual suspects: AmazonBarnes & Noble, & Indiebound.

Have a great weekend.

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I will be trying the homemade buttermilk ranch dressing. It is a house favorite and would be great not to purchase it pre-made.

I also love the article on declines of pre-packaged foods. We don’t even like pre-made hummus. We make our own, as the store bought always seems like it has added sugar or salt. It just tastes fake to us. Granted, we do not cook the chick peas ourselves, but buy them in cans. But it is a taste preference in how it is mixed up.

Patrick Schulz

Hey Jenny!

You tricked me to crave for you “Triend-and-True Cobbler” (best summer dessert … hehe)! 😉
Got a quick question: What do you think about throwing in some oats? I love oats so much but I don’t wanna ruin this gorgeous looking cobbler! 😀


Kath the Cook

Great post. I read somewhere this week you can freeze buttermilk – I’m thinking one cup increments. Sometimes it’s hard to use it all up. Hate to throw it away.


Premeasured and frozen cobbler and crisp toppings go with us when camping. My cub scouts were very impressed with their apple crisp last time we camped.