Friday Round-up: Halloween Edition

Best Halloween Party Goody Bag: Candy-Stuffed Disposable Gloves. We also fill gloves with water, freeze, then add our hand-shaped ice cubes to the punch bowl. (Buzzfeed) 

Best Creepy Kids Movie: Coraline (I’d recommend 8 and up; And don’t forget the book and the graphic novel)

Best Trying-to-Be-Scary-But-Actually-Adorable Halloween Treat: Little Cupcake Monster from alllielewisclapp‘s instagram feed.

Best Vintage Halloween Picture Book: Halloween with Morris and Borris, by Bernard Wiseman

Best You-Got-Stuck-With-Bringing-The-Healthy-Snack-to-the-Class-Halloween-Party Idea Vampire Snacks from Sheri Silver.

…And Part Two, the Peanut-free Version: Banana Ghosts and Clementine Pumpkins

Best Elegant-Nod-to-Halloween Idea: Affix gross bugs in unexpected places. (Martha Stewart)

Best Costume for the Rain: DIY Jellyfish. Procure a bubble umbrella and a bunch of ribbons and call it a day. (That’s my Abby under there.)

Best Twist-on-the-Superhero-Costume-That-Also-Happens-to-be-a-Good-Last-Minute-Option: Clark Kent. There is an official costume here, but seems to me you can improvise by grabbing a Superman logo online, then using what you’ve got in the kid’s closet.

Still My Favorite Halloween Baked Good Idea: Graveyard Cake with Doll Limbs from last year.

Have a good weekend!

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I saw Coroline at 27 years old and it was the freakiest movie EVER! (My tolerance for scary movies is super low.)