Graveyard Cake

Along with the block I live on, my memory has been getting a little cobwebby lately. Can it possibly be that I’ve written this blog for three and a half years, aka four Halloweens, and not told you about my all-time favorite tricky treat? Every year I try and fail to come up with something as simple and clever as this graveyard cake, which I first learned about from the lovably loony Clare Crespo way back when I was a magazine editor. Clare used cupcakes, but you can pull it together with any basic storebought or homemade sheet cake (Rosa’s does the trick), a dozen and a half crushed chocolate wafers (or Oreo tops and bottoms), and chocolate sprinkles. (As you can see, this project favors the artless.) Then, for the limbs, if you live in a house like mine, all it takes is one scrounge around the bottom of the toy box to uncover a treasure trove of dismembered Barbies. Happy Halloween!

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Christiane ~ Taking On Magazines

Yeah, I’m with you on the dismembered Barbie thing. I have a few hanging out in the closet right now because they were taken away before they could be abused. I’m loving the cake, too. I think Dudette would find it enchanting (that’s just her kind of thing).


You have just provided not only my husband’s birthday cake, but the whole theme. How better to separate the division between Christmas and a Christmas Eve birthday than with a zombie cake/party. And since he gets a Walking Dead book every year I can’t believe I’ve never considered this. Brilliant blog entry. As always.

A Life From Scratch

Looks very festive – unfortunately my home is a home without barbies, all boys over here. I’d just have to go up the road to my parents though – my mom still has all of ours (mine + my sisters)!

Happy Halloween!


I would LOVE to make this but I’m stopped by thoughts of all the candy that will soon be pouring in and wondering if I’d be going overboard to bake a chocolate cake to boot…???


I heard there was a study done to determine why Barbies are so often dismembered. Something about their being so finished and perfect that there is nothing else left to do after a while except dismember them. Yikes!