Happy Fourth

Last week, when my Mom and I were dreaming up red-white-and-blue treats for our Fourth of July celebration, I talked a big game. There would be a flag cake, of course. But not just your garden-variety flag sheet cake. I was imagining cross-sectioned flag cakes, maybe even horizontally slicing a pound cake and re-assembling using red frosting or jam. Maybe I’d bake different sections in different colors and then re-assemble? But would the yellow cake be white enough for a flag cake? Was that unpatriotic? I know! I would bake a white, fluffy angel food cake. And maybe I would use a fresh strawberry sauce to paint stripes on each serving and then top with blueberries? The kids would love that.

But then I saw my friend Matt’s post on this beautiful berry galette and I knew what the plan had to be. No slicing and dicing, no food coloring, no time spent placing blueberries in flag formation when I could be kayaking with the girls or reading my book-club book instead. In fact, it’s so easy, you don’t even need instructions. You just have to look at his pictures to know what to do. (Or, if that’s not your thing, you can just look at my galette recipe from the fall and replace the apples with any combo of red and blue berries you like.) I fully plan on using a storebought crust, cause by now I think it’s obvious that Martha’s pate brisee is not going to happen.

And also, don’t forget the golden rule of cooking for kids in the summer: If you have a bag of marshmallows, you’re all set.

Have a great long weekend!

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I had that exact glorious treats page up for a few days at the beginning of the week-I had plans for that cake. Me and that cake were going to do big things. But now I going to make this instead. Thank you, thank you. Looks beautiful and a little more my speed. Have a happy 4th!


Thank you for a beautiful Fourth of July recipe that doesn’t use artificial colorings! Can’t wait to try it!


this is in our future, right after we grill some pizza! Thanks for the great recipe ideas. Keep em coming:0)

PS: I read your newsletter, do I win the wine?


Yumm, I’m going to try that soon. We have to take advantage of awesome fresh summer berries while we can!

PS: I read your newsletter, do I win the wine?


Happy 4th! A lovely gallette will be perfect for my fresh picked tart cheeries. Thanks for the idea!

P.s. I read your newsletter, do I win the wine?


Happy 4th! We’re keeping it simple with strawberries dipped in white chocolate and then a little blue sugar at the bottom for our RW&B. Easy enough for the kids to make themselves.

Also wondering if you’ve picked up Castle Waiting (first in a series) for your graphic-novel-loving daughter yet?

Stacey Chase

I missed this for the 4th! But the berries still look fantastic at the market and I love galettes!

P.S. I read your newsletter, do I win the wine?


Too funny! I saw shutterbean post ( http://www.shutterbean.com/triple-berry-galette/) about a similar berry gallette. I thought it’d be a great/easier way to get my berry pie fix for the weekend. I made two and brought one to a friend’s (this way, I had more to come home to!). Simple and delicious. I made martha’s pate brise, but I do like the idea of using ANY kind of crust! It makes a great “hand pie” for breakfast!


So, I made your ribs for the fourth of july. Oooohhh my goodness they were good! Thanks for making my life a little more happy! All my in-laws loved them.