Summer Reading Series on DALS

Here at DALS we believe the only thing that screams “summer” louder than a tomato sandwich is an afternoon on a hammock curled up with a good paperback. (Or a nice icy cold iPad.) That’s why this July, in addition to getting recipes for grilled steaks and fresh summer salads, you’ll be getting what we think are some pretty cool book recommendations for the kids — not only from Andy and me, but from our daughters’ favorite authors. As always, you should feel free to weigh in with your own picks and opinions. Remember, this is the dinner table — everyone is welcome.


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I used to love Astrid Lindgren books a lot when I was a child (especially her Karlson and Emil series). I am looking forward to your suggestions! 🙂


I love reading book lists and recommendations, but nothing brings out my inner rebel like the mere hint of a “required reading list”. I know your list is only suggestions, but I can’t imagine enjoying Harry Potter if anywhere in the back of mind I thought of it as something I could “check off”.

I’m convinced the reason my son finished the entire series between June and October of last year was because I told him of my plan that we read one Potter book every summer. What began as a family readaloud, he ran with on his own.

We’re reading The Penderwicks together this summer (just a short reading with popsicles on the deck with all 3 boys, 3-6-9yrs old). Meanwhile the oldest is devouring anything he can find that connects with Greek mythology.