Hard to Overstate How Much I Love This

So remember the request to see my MDNW bumper stickers in action? Joslyn T, the mastermind behind Raising Foodies sent this sweet photo to me and I liked it so much I sent her a free cookbook. Everyone who registered on DALS by the June 26 deadline should have received their free sticker by now — and for everyone else, don’t worry, there will be lots of opportunity to win one in the next few weeks. Your chances increase greatly when you send in happy family dinner photos…and in fact, they increase exponentially when you send in unhappy family dinner photos. (Remember, I am in the business of reality here.)

And…BREAKING NEWS! I’m pleased to report that after approximately 325 exposures to quinoa, the girls finally took their first bites a few nights ago without wincing. We think it had something to do with Andy’s money-back guarantee: “You can spit it out if you don’t like it.”

Happy weekend everyone. I think I’m going to make some version of this dinner on Sunday when my parents come over if you’d like to “join” us.

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Got the email confirming my cookbook was shipped yesterday. Will be in Disney when it arrives but am looking forward to it upon my return. Made the corn and bacon pasta again this week and again it was received successfully. My kids loved the naan bread for homemade pizzas. I give you tons of credit for dinner on facebook trying to bring others to “our side.” If you need a personal assistant, let me know. LOL Thanks again – I found you a few months after watching Food, Inc. and you have made life easier for me. Keep up the great work!


This is so great, the bumper sticker and the “spit it out if you don’t like it”

My son is getting on my nerves with his pickiness. I’m glad you guys have a good attitude about it. Humor is always good.


We call it the “No Thank-you bite”. Take one little bite, and if you don’t like it, spit it out and say “No thank-you”. Great bumper stickers, going to order some for family as well!


Just thought I would let you know I ordered 10 copies of your book for Christmas this year. My kids are grown and gone, but all are getting a copy because I have ‘preached’ family dinner all my life. Even my sisters are getting a copy – because I love the book and the philosophy so much. Thanks – Jenny!