Love Over Sunday Dinner

You guys would laugh at my inbox. For starters, it seems like every third email that is sent to my DALS email has the subject line “Pork Ragu.” There’s usually one or two with a panicky vibe, like: “I have people coming over and the short ribs are looking dry! What do I do?” (Answer: Add whatever liquid you can find.) And then occasionally I get something magical, something with a picture attached like the one you see above. With a subject that says “Love Over Sunday Minestrone.” Suzi is a working mom of three kids and a DALS reader. Here’s what she wrote:

I just wanted to say thank you to you and Andy for the entertainment and for keeping our weeknight meals interesting.  I think I made at least three DALS recipes per week while on maternity leave with our third baby this fall. A typical comment from my 4-year-old: “Mom, you should make this again!”
Now that I’m back at work, my husband, Noah, is the prime dinner chef. He is not a reader of blogs, but I am slowly winning him over.  My aim is to have him searching the blog for weeknight favorites soon too.  Yesterday he set up this shot with the iPhone tripod. I happened to be making Sunday Minestrone, which you can see. He took one look at the photo and said, “You should send this in to your Dinner: A Love Story blog.”  So here you go – dinner and love, all in one shot.
Thanks again!
Suzi K.
Gainesville, Florida
For the rest of you who occasionally write me asking How do you keep this blog going? There’s your answer. And here’s the Magical Minestrone. (Results Shown Above Not Guaranteed.)
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Kat Chavez

This woman could have been writing about my life, except that I still have to come home and cook for the three kids and hubby. Perfect moment!

annie g

Here I am, in Burgundy, browsing and noodling through the interwebs; found you via A Cup of Jo. Brilliant read. Want to buy the Charleston cookbook for my daughter, want to eat Hoppin’ John (never heard of it…), want to come to your house for dinner. If you have never been to Burgundy, get over here. They LOVE to eat….
Bon soir.


Longtime reader, first-time commenter… I just had to giggle when I read this today. Your pork ragu is in the crockpot downstairs right now and the smell has been haunting me all day while I work. It’s a serious favorite around here, and we had to share the recipe after feeding it to friends recently. Love your great work. Thank so much for what you do!


@Jan, I agree!!

I visit my own page all day long, but I’ve doubled my visits today because this photo just makes me smile. Especially under the Dinner: A Love Story banner.


I religiously read DALS. Today I was thrilled to see my childhood best friend Suzi (hi Sooz!) is addicted to the same blog. What a weird and wonderful world!


i absolutely needed to see this picture and post today. thank you for the time and effort it takes to run this blog–and for sharing why cooking is so important. Good food may not cure all, but it cures A LOT 🙂


Aww what a gorgeous story. I love this… and I can completely agree. Your foodie ideas and inspirations are a favourite here too.


I loved this so much. I think it’s testament to what an amazing impact you have on so many of us.