Need A Last-Minute Gift?

It’s a Christmas Miracle
: My daughter has come out of retirement just in time for the holidays. Some of you might remember me mentioning Nerd Alert, a blog Phoebe started a few years ago as a way to explore books, comics, graphic novels, and “other essentials,” to quote her tagline. She hasn’t posted in while — which might have something to do with her mother reminding her every single day “Hey sweetie, you haven’t posted in a while” — but it doesn’t mean she hasn’t been tearing up libraries and bookstores up and down the Eastern seaboard. If her mother can better negotiate the balance between motivating and nagging, hopefully more posts are on the way, but for now, Phoebe has dedicated her comeback to a longstanding obsession: Graphic Novels, specifically the ones she’s read in 2015. (My favorite moment…her analysis of The Gigantic Beard That Was Evil: “Who would love it: Anyone with a heart, really.”) Before you head over there, though, just remember that she’s 13 — she’s long since graduated from Smile and Big Nate. If you need recommendations for younger kids, you might refer to our handy old 121 Books (look for the “gift” icon) which remains free for the downloading to book lovers everywhere. Happy Holidays!

Above: Nerd Alert’s banner. Up top: Phoebe’s library (credit: Chelsea McNamara)

P.S. Remember this last-minute gift guide? It made me laugh. (Maybe Andy will come back from retirement next.)

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When I had a baby almost a year ago (!), I went back to find that guide, downloaded it, and bought every single book you recommended for 0-2 (many used and for a few cents!). Anyway, I just want to wholeheartedly recommend your recommendations – that guide is amazing, and so generous of you to give us for free.

My daughter is enthralled by Thunder Bunny, adores Moo Moo Brown Cow, insists on us reading I am A Bunny to her at least once a day, and almost leaps out of her high chair trying to grab One Red Dot. These books are so special to our trio.

Thank you, DALS family. I look forward to tracking down the 1-4 picks soon (sniff)!


I am so happy to read this comment — and yet also completely crushed thinking about thun-thin-THUNDER bunny. (Oh my god we read that so many millions of times!) Thank you for your note and happy holidays to your very special trio. xo



p.s. You can't imagine how many times a day my husband and I turn to each other after our thunder bunny does something appalling/ridiculous and say, "even her own mama said, OH MY!"