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I’m off to Seattle this morning but felt an overwhelming urge to download some random recent dinner discoveries for you as I sit at Gate 1 in JFK’s Terminal 7. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?) For starters: Due to popular demand, I created a highlight for the mushrrom-farro recipe I posted on instagram stories last week. (Note to self: Never underestimate the power of an easy weeknight recipe.) Many of you suggested adding a fried egg on top, to which I say, hells yeah.

(If you head to my instagram profile, you’ll see it right there on the top left.)

Next: My learning curve on tofu has been steep as I plow through the research and development stage of The Weekday Vegetarians. I mean, I’ve always made it, but I have definitely not mastered it, especially the kind of mastering that translates to tofu that my children actually enjoy eating. (Last week, Abby pointed to a photo of a triple-fried tofu baton on a Chinese take-out menu and said, “I’d eat that tofu.”) Anyway, I was delighted to discover an entire Bon Appetit podcast devoted to the topic, so give it a listen if you’re looking for some tips like me. (It’s the second half of Episode 255.) ALSO: I’ve gotten into to picking up the pre-baked tofu (Wildwood brand is my favorite so far) because they’re so easy to fry up for a quick lunch…

…Am I at risk for over-bowling you guys? This was last Friday’s lunch: brown the pre-baked tofu (cubed) in olive oil and a dash of sesame oil; throw in chopped onion, garlic, and chili flakes, then a mountain of whatever greens you have (kale, spinach, chard, frozen beans, etc), drizzle in soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, sesame seeds. Done. It’s 7:30 am as I write this, and thinking of how good it would be tossed with soba noodles for dinner.

Lastly, over at Cup of Jo, I suggested an old favorite Baked Beans recipe for Super Bowl Sunday, but it reminded me that it’s a perfect meal for any Sunday. And I won’t be offended if you throw some franks in there. (Photo courtesy of the gifted and talented Yossy Arefi.)

I’m only in Seattle for a few days, and won’t have a ton of time to explore, but hit me up with suggestions if you have them. I’ll be staying in Ballard. (Like last time!)

P.S. I plan to read this for the entire flight when I’m not playing Ruzzle. You’ll be hearing a lot more about it, I promise.

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Oh, you make me homesick for Ballard, I had to click on the link and just read the whole of the post from last time. We went there in 2016 and so loved it (we are from the UK). Now I want to go back and eat some more!


This Canadian reader is curious about what you what you will be reading on the plane but the link is cranky and will not enlighten me. 🙂


Any chance of getting an actual recipe of he mushrooms and farro? Watching cooking videos w/o an actual written go by makes my head hurt. I’m an old school Gen Xer. Thanks.


If you are here in Ballard through Saturday AM, come check out ladysweat.com– an hour long workout that’s super inspiring and hard and full of really wonderful Seattle women (many in the food industry!) For restaurants- Sazon and Raiz are our new favorites- both finding their footing but DELICOUS. Enjoy your stay!

Ashley M

You must hit up Un Bien in Ballard for their Caribbean pork roast sandwich (It is legendary…. Easily the best sandwich I’ve ever had), or if you Prefer to stick to being a weekday vegetarian, they have a grilled tofu and caramelized onion sandwich that is out of this world as well. For dessert, Salt and Straw ice cream in Ballard is fabulous. Cafe Besalu makes a croissant for breakfast that rivals anything in France. Can’t wait for your new cookbook! Enjoy SEATTle!


Go to the Dane on 15th NW and 80th – (just north of Fat Hen/Delancey) for coffee, quick lunch or beer, cider or cocktails. https://www.thedaneseattle.com/ Kelly, who I know from early morning boot camp, is one of the owners. Her former roller derby name is i-Roxy, if that doesn’t make you want to stop in, I don’t know what will.

Also in Ballard, Bakers for outstanding cocktails, Cafe Munir – delightful Lebanese, and D’Ambrosio for real Italian gelato. seriously, the real deal.

Wallingford – Harvest Beat to inspire your new vegetarian interests. https://www.harvestbeat.com/
Nearby is THE best japanese noodles – https://www.kamonegiseattle.com/
On Queen Anne, Eden Hill Provisions is the new buzz, for a reason. https://www.edenhillprovisions.com/

And if you have time to go to the awesome Burke Museum (native american art at UW campus https://www.burkemuseum.org/), their new restaurant Off the Rez is supposedly amazing. https://www.offthereztruck.com/

Have fun!


Definitely hit up Frankie and Jo’s for the best vegan ice cream ever and Junebaby (get there the minute it opens) and order the carrots and the biscuit. Or Stateside – the duck rolls are amazing!


Rupee Bar in Ballard is Sri Lankan / Indian inspired and it is so good! If you venture out of the neighborhood, Homer in Beacon Hill is my favorite!



Second vote for Un Bien – its a must! I think the fire-roasted corn is out of season at the moment, which is honestly sadder than the lack of sunshine for the last few months, but the rest of the menu is still so good. If you are in town on Sunday, the Ballard Farmers Market is easily the best in Seattle – try the Brothers & Co’s plant ramen or the vegetarian quesadilla place! For breakfast try The Fat Hen (go on a weekday to aviod a wait) or Biscuit & Bean (fully endorsed by this former Texan). Hope you enjoy your time in Seattle, remember us if you do a book tour! 🙂


I made the farro dish after seeing your Instagram stories – ran to TJ’s to get the farro and mushrooms and it was AMAZING! So simple, easy, and delicious. And quick. Such a versatile and adaptable dish based on what you have handy.


Highly recommend Hot Cakes in Ballard – molten lava cakes that this Texas girl still thinks about 4 years later. Homemade graham cracker + mushroom, SO GOOD. They also have boozy milkshakes.


Try Thai Tom on University Ave. It is a hole in the wall spot that is legend among students and thai foodies. Just go. (Swimming Rama with tofu is my favorite. cash only.)


I’ve been making that Seattle Dutch Baby for guests (and sometimes just for me) ever since you posted it.