Spread the Word, Nicely


You know what drives me crazy? The way the conversation about Family Dinner can insidiously slip in the Family Values direction. The scaremongery tone of all those studies telling parents that our kids are headed down paths of drugs and destruction if we don’t eat together, does nothing to help the cause. (And sounds remarkably similar to Rick Santorum telling me I’m a bad person if I have a gay uncle.) It’s why I made this bumper sticker, and why, with springtime arriving this weekend, I feel the need to remind you: Every season, every week, every night is a new season/week/night to start over. Next week, check in with DALS for a slew of Family Dinner Starter Kits meals (including sloppy joes, fish for kids, and a genius slap-it-together dinner you could probably make right this second with your empty Friday Fridge.) And read up on some strategies that will hopefully motivate you — not make you feel bad about yourself.

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