Sundae on a Spoon

Newest delusional tactic to keep the dessert madness in check: One spoonful of something with a LOT going on, including, but not limited to Strawberry Sundaes, Rich Man’s Reese’s (with sea salt), Banana Split, Brownie Sundae, Chipwich.

One spoonful. Just one.

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ha! too funny. i do this all the time for myself (though was never clever enough to dub it sundae on a spoon). the genius here, i think, lies in popularizing it for the small set.

i think the “a lot going on” is key. over the top, in tiny portions. check, check.

Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

This is BRILLIANT. I’ve been noticing lately, that if I attempt to eat a whole dessert portion, I feel sick. A few fabulous bites like this, this is what I need to be doing!

Margit Van Schaick

With berry season starting, followed by peaches, cherries, andvother delicious fruits, it would seem to be a great time to adopt the Italians’ practice of eating fruit for dessert. Except for chocolate-covered almonds, your dessert choices usually have so much sugar in them that they seem to have tilted the family dinner away from it’s core goodness. I love reading your blog. And, I’m far from being wise about all my food choices. It just seems that with all the wonderful fresh food available now that Spring is finally here, why not explore eating them straight, or with just a spoonful of whipped cream? (to use your spoonful idea).


Are your kids buying it? I’m going to try this with mine – hoping it works.

Maria Tadic

Tho great for healthy dessert, this would be SO cool to do a bunch of these for a party. A dessert “tasting.” I’m sold!

Beth S

Where is the recipe for the rich man’s reese’s?? I can’t stop thinking about it.


We had spoon sundaes tonight – four thumbs up – although i was asked “can i have another spoon?” Thanks for the idea!

Margo, Thrift at Home

oh yum! I consider a spoonful of PB with chocolate chips mashed in my emergency candy.

I want to know more about the rich man’s reese’s, too (or maybe it’s my emergency candy?).

We also make tiny rootbeer floats by splitting ONE can of rootbeer among the 4 of us with mini scoops of ice cream. Perfect.