Taste Test!

Hey guys!
I did a jarred pasta sauce taste test over at Cup of Jo, and invited Phoebe’s cross country team to partake in the judging. We had such a good time —  you’ll never guess who won. (Actually you probably will.) I plan to do more of these tests, so let me know if you have any strong opinions about which product you think I should do next. Plus: I have a fun post in the works for next week, check back here Monday or Tuesday. xx

Photo credit: Yossy Arefi for Cup of Jo.

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I can’t believe that Yossy did your photos! Did she taste too?

I’m always curious about the following:
1) taco shells (soft and hard)
2) fresh ricotta
3) pasta
4) ice cream – cookies and cream across brands, for example!


I just discovered that run of the mil Red Rose is just as god IMOP as the much lauded British PG Tips. So grocery store black tea could be fun. And of course you have to do butter…

Erin Maree Fischer

There are so many different products I would be interested in you taste testing!
Choc chip cookies would be good 🙂
You could also do just chocolate in general.
Oven baked chips.
Ketchup, mustard and other condiments that people use everyday.
Instant coffee.


Salad dressing! I am constantly looking for Italian dressing that’s not sweet. Sometimes I make my own, but…weeknight dinners with two kids.


Barbecue sauce please! I’ve been wanting to try your recipe for pulled chicken sandwiches, but I always struggle with a good barbecue sauce to buy.


My family LOVES doing taste tests! I’m impressed at how many choices you did and the score sheets! We usually choose 3 options, and we have it for Sunday lunch. In the past, we’ve done box macaroni and cheese, frozen pizza, grilled cheese (with different cheeses), homemade pancakes (a few different types/flavors), and sausage. My kids think it’s the most fun meal, and frankly, I do, too. 🙂


Agree Ellen……been checking back again and again for new posts. Hope everything is OK Jenny. We miss you!


I am concerned that we haven’t heard from your during this Thanksgiving season, a season dedicated to family and food – just like you. Will check back and wishing you the best.