10 Golden Rules of Entertaining

Keep the Cocktails Simple, Check Your Instagram Feed, Outsource, Crash Clean Only The Rooms That Matter, Have a Few Fallback Conversation Starters Up Your Sleeve, Do Whatever You Can Ahead of Time, and (maybe most important) Remember: No One is Expecting You To Be Jackie Kennedy. For all the details, and way way more, head over to Joanna Goddard’s ridiculously addictive lifestyle website,  Cup of Jo, where I’ve guest-posted today. Enjoy!

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I have another… If you are in doubt about a dessert or sweet, go for peanut M&Ms. Guaranteed crowd pleaser and easy to eat with a drink in hand 😉

natalie brennan

i loved this post. i came over from a cup of jo, and im really happy to discover your blog! now off to dive into all the archives. thank you so much, jenny.


You’re the cutest! I’m going to print these tips and put them inside my cupboard.

Amy P

I’m always surprised by how I love every article you write. Somehow it’s always fresh and I really like your writing style. I don’t tend to cook from cookbooks often but I’ve bought both of yours just to read! I think I own about 8 cookbooks total so that’s kind of a big deal 😉


Spot on. Having guests over can be so much fun but at times daunting. As long there’s good food and good company, everything should be alright!


What did the Instagram feed have to do with it? It doesn’t seem to be one of the rules in the guest post.