Our Christmas Menu

Greetings eaters and readers! I went through my Google doc notes from last Christmas (in our old house 😭😭), and forgot how organized I was — links or print-outs for every recipe, a shopping list, a game plan, and even notes written to my 2023 self with ideas for what I can do better. (Omg the pressure!) We are relatively new to the Christmas game — for decades, we were guests at a holiday feast prepared mostly by my mother-in-law Emily in Virginia. But as of a few years ago, our family in New York started taking over, tweaking here and there, adding some of our own touches in order to accommodate the growing number of vegetarians and gluten-free diners at the table, but mostly we’ve stuck with Emily’s tried-and-true, reliably excellent menu. Over on my Substack, subscribers can access the entire menu and all the recipes — from starters to mains (including a vegetarian main that doubles as a side) to dessert. It’s somewhat modular so you can pick and choose what to work into your own menu, or just rip off the whole thing…That’s what I’m here for! Enjoy and happy holidays.

Click here for a feast fit for carnivores, vegetarians, the gluten-free set, and anyone who happens to enjoy excellent food (+ a game plan to keep things suuuuuper organized)

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