A Father’s Day Gift (for the Whole Family)

You could get him a robe.
Or another something-or-other that could be categorized as a “gadget.” Or a bottle of gin for his gin & tonics. You could get him a charcoal chimney or grilling tongs monogrammed with his nickname. You could get him any number of things that would make him happy…OR…you could give him something that will directly, immediately, deliciously benefit you and the kids all summer long and for many summers to come. You could give him The Grilling Book, edited by Adam Rapoport, editor in chief of Bon Appetit and longtime Friend of DALS.  I dare you — and I dare you to dare him — to look at these photos and not want to fire up the grill immediately. The book will be your family’s summer bible — and for anyone who can’t seem to break through the hot-dog-and-burger firewall, you’ll find over 400 pages of gorgeously-photographed inspiration; primers for every stage of the grilling process; salads, slaws, cocktails and sauces that pull it all together; and recipes from all over the world, for all kinds of family dinners. Not convinced? How about a little teaser…to start wouldja look at that Cedar Plank Salmon above?

Skirt Steak
with “ridiculously addictive” bright green Chimichurri Sauce.

Lamb Burgers with Moroccan Spices and Orange Salsa
made from beets, cumin, jalapeno, and cilantro.

Chicken Yakatori
, made with ground chicken, scallions, miso, and soy basting sauce. I am so tracking down all the ingredients for it as soon as this post goes live.

Grilled Haloumi with Watermelon, Tomatoes Basil & Mint
. We’ve discussed Grilled Haloumi before, but I don’t know if it’s ever looked this good. It’s a sheep-goat milk blend, that’s firm enough to retain its shape over hot coals, but soft enough to ooze a little inside.

Check it out. Or check out Adam grill four fish recipes from the book on the Today Show. Happy Father’s Day!

All food photographs above by Peden + Munk.

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Janet Kemper

The pictures convinved me…not only does my dad need this book, I need this book!


My copy came Monday from Amazon! It won’t be wrapped up though for Father’s Day, it was for me but he has already tagged about 100 recipes to try! I can’t wait to get started! 🙂

Foodie's Dilemma

Love the book and order is officially placed, but what I really want is one of those awesome grilling planks the salmon is on! Where are those from??


Let us know how the Chicken Yakitori turns out. I am always looking for new ways to grill ground meat/chicken and it looks like a winner, I agree. I will definately check out this book!


I know he’s gonna see right through my motives, but I love that I have one gift for Father’s Day on the way!

Christine Somers

Thanks for the suggestion…2 copies have been ordered for the men in my life. One for my son and one for my honey and I am looking forward to summer meal time!


Thank you for the recommendation! I just bought 2- one for my hubby for father’s day (well, we’re pregnant w/ our first, but he’s ALMOST a dad…) and one for my brother-in-law for his birthday. He’s already quite accomplished on the grill but this looks right up his alley. 🙂


Well thank you very much Jenny. Got this right now for my husband as he would really enjoy it and loves cooking. Wish he had more time to do it though. And of course I have your book and love it!!!!
take care!


This looks amazing, although I think it would be more of a gift for me. He’d get to do the grilling, and I’d get to do the eating.


If you just want it for yourself and not to give as a gift it’s only $4.99 on amazon for kindle right now. Bargain!

Tina Ives

Looks great but couldn’t you have teased us with one recipe from the book?