A Weekly Meal Plan for YOU

Ok guys — didn’t I say right there on page 2 of the book that in order to kickstart the dinner habit, you are not in any way whatsoever required to start writing down what you are cooking and eating in a dedicated diary? So what is up with all the emails* telling me that you are starting your own books and filling them with chilled soups and grilled fish tacos and other simple, delicious-sounding summer dinners? Do you not know you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of obsessiveness and ridicule and…simple, delicious-sounding summer dinners?

Well anyway, I was thinking this morning that since I was the one who got you into this whole mess, the least I could do is help you kickstart some weekly planning. So book owners, you are welcome to download a PDF of the line-up that I intend to scribble into my own diary next week. It’s been hot in New York the past few days and this menu (including shopping list) was designed with that in mind. And, also, with the Really?-Dinner-is-Here-Again? cook in mind. All you have to do to access the plan is click here and type in the secret code, i.e. the last word on page 137. (Or, for Kindle readers: location 39% – 2151 of 5506, the word right above “November.”)

And non-book owners, what are you waiting for? Now that I’ve put my diary-inspired mania out there, and you have access to the meals that have seen me through fourteen years of first jobs and working late and eating in shifts and witching hours and picky eaters and two cursed egg-haters and dinners at the beach and in front of the World Cup and the Olympics and American Idol — well, now that all of this is out there, I’m going to be presenting these book-based meal plans as bonus features and I don’t want to feel guilty about leaving you behind! It’s bad enough that I’ve sent all these poor unsuspecting souls down the diary road. So, as Andy would say, let’s do this thing!

*If you have not heard back from me yet, please forgive the delay. Please do not mistake this delinquency for ungraciousness or apathy. I’ve read (and sometimes re-read) every note and will eventually repsond to every single one.

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I’ve been meaning to buy the book (I know no one else has said that, right?) but now you have this great offer, so I have to. However I buy everything on Kindle so I don’t have to find a place to store the book!! So, can Kindle book owners get in on this too? Or would it be too hard to tell us how to find the “last word on page 137?”

BTW, thanks for trying to solve the eternal problem of dinner!


Thank you thank you thank you! This meal planner is going to be so helpful. Not that I’ve seen it yet, since my copy is at home and I’m at work, but I’m sure I’m going to love it. Starting tonight.


Busted. I just sheepishly confessed to my husband that my new Moleskine notebook is to start recording what we eat for dinner since I’m determined to get back into the habit of cooking dinner this summer. Remember, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! 🙂


just got my copy yesterday. The first thing that caught my eye was the picture of the loop hook potholder on the first few pages. Made my fair share of those when I was a kid. Memories…….


Love your site and book, but a) I don’t carry my book with me and often check your site before leaving work so I can shop, and b) loaned it to my sister-in-law. Totally appreciate the need to push the book but its an adjustment, having enjoyed your site and recipes for so long, to hit a password protected recipe is a little disappointing and inconvenient.


Enjoying the book so much. Your recipes are in the line-up three times this week. Great to meet you in Brookline and I wish you much success!


eMM – The meal plan begins on Sunday (and will be available forever) so you should have plenty of time to retrieve the password from your book (or your sister-in-law’s book).


I don’t have a book… I have Excel spreadsheets with meal plans, grocery lists, and budget/actual numbers. I am an accounting-nerd so this makes sense 🙂 I also take picture of my meals and save in an album on Facebook.


Ok I’m busted too but even before my book came from Amazon ( which can I say I read in two days, love it) I had bought a book to start writing down my dinners again. I used to do it years ago and got away from it and of course cooking dinner has not been as consistent! But in the words of Andy, I’m ready to do this thing!


Oh, I can’t wait to start writing down all my meals too! My book is in transit from amazon right now, and I’m so excited to get my hands on it.


Still waiting in Australia for my book to arrive even though I preordered months ago. I am finding these passwords very frustrating …..


I have an ibooks copy. Can you give me the page number for the password? Thank you!


I cheated a bit and made the spicy oven fries last night. They were a huge hit! I used a little less cayenne bc my 4-year-old isn’t really into heat, but still delicious!

lyn eisenhauer

You know I am really happy for your success, but I am also distressed that I am going to have to leave.

Already, and you said as much in this post, that you will be limiting posts to only include access to people who have bought your book, etc. Now all recipes say see page SUCH AND SUCH of the book.

Well, this is just ANOTHER of sites that I have followed for years that I have had to abandon once the author publishes a book and/or gets famous. It’s just not fun anymore. See page 132, see page 1,752. I read your blog because I enjoyed it, but I can’t afford to spend money on a book right now.

C’est la vie.


Thank you for the weekly meal plan. Since getting your book, I have made several recipes and my twin three year olds are loving the new things to try at dinner. They helped me make the shrimp cobb salad, and avo/cucumber soup, too. Too much fun!



just wanted to say i love your site and your book. i just read through it the last few days and my friend ended up getting 6 copies for her peeps! what i like about it is making me rethink my priorities and how to make what i want to happen, happen, and what i’m doing for work and when (and then i read that atlantic article too which was great). so i’m hoping that with this little push i’ll start trying to be home more before the kids go to bed (it is hard!) and at least maybe cook one meal a week during the week. That would be HUGE for me. Love the recipes. tomorrow we are trying the shrimp and yogurt one. You also make me wish we had a grill but our brooklyn apartment is not so flexible! 🙁 some day.

thanks again. (and maybe someday i’ll start up my blog again but first dinner!).



Love the book. So easy to read and very witty. Thank you very much. I am literally flying through it. Unfortunately I am unable to get into the PDF as I have the iPad version of the book and I don’t think I have the right code. Could you please help me out? Thanks!


Where have I been? I’ve missed years of your blog? Dang it.
I just picked up your book yesterday at Barnes and Noble, because it intrigued me.
Having started it this morning, I feel as if I’m in love!! I am an obsessive list writer, but have never kept a food diary. I do, tho, have a guest book for my dinner guests to sign. LOL
Thanks for the great read! I must go finish now.


Just received my copy of your book down here in Australia. It’s beautiful & so helpful. Congratulations!


Waiting for my book in UK, struggling with the concept that we are now “excluded” from DALS until book is purchased. Passwords are not they way forward. I think you need to remain loyal to your readers, after all they were the ones who got you to where you are…x


hey jenny, i keep typing in the last word (either the last word in the last paragraph or the last word listed on the page) from my new book, and it still doesn’t let me in. can you help me? (BTW – love the book! with a 2 year old who has had an adventurous sleep journey, we can relate and are so happy to have easy but satisfying recipes in one location.


I’m having the same problem as megan–I keep typing in that last word on p. 137, and nothing happens. Could it be a browser issue? (I’m using Chrome.) Off to try another browser. Very frustrating!!


Am I crazy? I see page 135 with the recipe for Flatbread Pizza with Arugula and Prosciutto and the next page has 4 cocktails pictured and then page 153! Misprinted? Missing pages?

Verenique B

please help! i am typing in the last word on page 137 and it’s not working!


I realize I’m late to the party here, but I’m having password issues, too! I own the book, it’s sitting right here in front of me. I’ve tried the last word of the recipe on page 137, the word that appears physically closest to the bottom of the page, the last word in the recipe instructions, and the last word of the notes. I’ve tried all lower case, cap first letter, rest lower case… nothing works! Anyone have any ideas?