Are You a Gold Member?

A DALS Gold Member…

Follows the conversation on facebook with a likeminded community of dinner-makers.

Follows me on twitter so finds out in real time what recipes, restaurants, and online multiplication worksheet generators we are excited about.

Has pre-ordered Dinner: A Love Story, the book! (And will therefore, very soon, have access to recipes like my cure-any-cold chicken and orzo soup shown above.)

Has bookmarked our Recipe Index so it’s easy to find the recipe you’re looking for.

Has a quick weeknight taco recipe in his or her back pocket.

Is a newsletter subscriber, so is eligible for all kinds of fantastic giveaways including gift cards and fancy cookware.

Owns the official Dinner: A Love Story “Make Dinner Not War” bumper sticker. (Platinum members have actually placed this on the bumper of their cars and/or have sent me photos of where their stickers live.)

Periodically checks in on Fave Five, a list of book recommendations for kids that changes at least once a week.

Is a book-reading, dinner-making, comment-writing, thoughtful person who knows how much bigger dinner is than food.

OK, done with my Friday housekeeping. Have a great weekend.

Photo by Jennifer Causey for DALS.

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Have I missed that soup recipe? It looks great!

– An Almost a Gold Memer (not on Facebook here)


Hooray, I’m almost there! Just need to like you on FB. Can you change your link so it links right to the DALS Facebook page? Right now it just takes you to the FB home page. Now, off to pre-order …


Plantinum member (I’m 99% sure I sent you a photo of your bumper sticker’s home on our fridge) even though I don’t subscribe to twitter and rarely go on FB. I’ve shared your site with so many friends who love it now too!


So sorry for facebook screw-up. The link should be all fixed now — click on it and it will take you right to the Dinner: A Love Story page. Thanks guys.


It’s a chicken and orzo soup and I’ve never written about it on the site, which is why you don’t remember it. Lots of new goodies in the book…


I do love your site, am registered, follow you on FB and Twitter. We are not bumper sticker people, so no sticker on our car. But I would buy a tee shirt if you had one!

I am struggling with two hyper picky vegetarian daughters– one who likes beans but not tofu and the other who (you guessed it) likes tofu but not beans. Any vegetarian-friendly one-dish meal recipes would be much appreciated!!


I would love the recipe for the soup pictured above… is it on here somewhere? I looked in the amazing recipe index!)
Not quite related to this post: I often come to your website looking for a particular book suggestion. (today, i’m looking for tintin recommendations). Any plans for a book index in the future??

A Life From Scratch

I’m going to have to sign up for the book just for that soup recipe – looks to be worth its weight in gold!

I’m also thinking my big ‘mom SUV’ needs one of those bumper stickers….I’m not typically big on bumper stickers but my obsession to make dinner might outweigh this one…


Please, please, please! I need that chicken soup recipe. I drooled on myself when I looked at it and I need a winner for when my little chilagans get sick. Otherwise…I’m afraid they will turn into a matzo ball!! I can’t wait until June!!! I promise, I won’t tell anyone 😉