Couple Things

OK, so I know it’s August, and that these last few weeks are probably a good time to relax, slow down, savor what remains of the summer. But the fact of the matter is, we here at DALS have a lot of exciting things going on so I just wanted to call your attention to two of  them.

For starters: My next book, Dinner: The Playbook is out in two short weeks — just in time for the back-to-school grind. As you hopefully know by now, this is my 80-recipe, 220-page response to the email I get more than any others: “I love family dinner. I want to have family dinner. But I don’t know how do family dinner. Where, pray tell, where do I begin?”

You begin with this book, which will be officially out on August 26. But you might want to think about pre-ordering today because I am lining up a pretty awesome giveaway during pub week that I need to keep mum about. All I’ll say is that it will help to have a copy of the book around in order to participate. (And big huge thanks to those of you who have already done so — I don’t want to go all NPR on you, but this blog could not exist without you.)

{You can pre-order from all the usual suspects: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound.}

Next up: Did you see that delicious looking sandwich over there in my right margin? For the next few weeks, Mouth, the super-fun indie-food packager is offering 20% off to all Dinner: A Love Story readers on any of their products. All you have to do is type in the code DALS20 when you check out. I for one have my eye on that New Baby Taster.

Have a great weekend.

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I can’t wait! My book has been on pre-order FOREVER!!! I ordered it off of Amazon before they even had an image up! I am so ready for it to get here.


Reyanul you are the best. Thank you for all your support — maybe one day I’ll actually meet you. 🙂
Can’t wait to hear how you like the book.


OK, I ordered the book. I’m not sure I’m the target audience b/c we have been successful with family dinner so far….but i’m looking down the road. As my boy ages into more after-school activities and whatnot, I might have to strategize. Plus, I consult DALS practically everyday. Tried and True!


Exciting news! I am right there with Reynaul (hey girl, love your pins on Pinterest !) – my book has been on pre-order for what seems like forever. You should also know that the only books I’ve ever pre-ordered are your books. I never understood the need to pre-order books till DALS and now I’m all “GET IN MY MAILBOX!”


I just pre-ordered! Thanks for the reminder, I’ve had it on my mental to do list as I brace myself for the new school year.


My local library has ordered several copies and I am #1 on the reserve list. I can’t wait…


Love seeing all these familiar names up here. Thank you longtime loyalists. And Awads, I love that you decided to bite the bullet and pre-order. While it’s true I’ve devoted a nice chunk of the book to tips and tricks for getting started with family dinner (and making shopping lists and weekly meal plans that you have probably mastered by now) fully 2/3 of the book is devoted to SIMPLE FRESH RECIPES — hopefully the kind of recipes that you come to this blog for every day. Anyway, keep me posted with your progress and lastly, HUGE BIG THANKS TO YOU AND THE DALS COMMUNITY. You guys are the best.


Pre-ordering now! I’ve been woefully absent in comments but can blame that on the one year old who is really cute but doesn’t like sleep. I have so much to catch up on! But I’m still here, and so excited about this. (And desperately needed-long time reader and still primarily take-out-dependent. There’s hope for me yet, I know it!)

Jessica Clare

Jenny, thank you again and again for letting me be a part of the Challenge! Listen up folks, this book is the BEST! And I don’t even have kids 🙂 Run don’t walk.


I ordered it more than four months ago and have its arrival date marked on my calendar! Can’t wait to sit down and gobble it up.