Crank it Up

I have no problem cranking the oven to 425° in June if the dinner I’m cooking for the kids elicits a cheer. A cheer. Literally.

Twice-Baked Potatoes

Bake Idaho potatoes in a 425°F oven for an hour. (We estimate 1 1/2 potatoes per grown-up; 1 per kid) Meanwhile, chop scallions and fry bacon. (We estimate about 2 slices bacon per person or about 4 per Abby.) When potatoes are finished, slice in half horizontally, scoop out the insides into a mixing bowl being careful not to tear skins. Mix potatoes with a whisk, adding salt, black or white pepper, warmed milk or cream (or anything in between) until you reach desired mashed-potato-like consistency. Restuff potato skins with mash-up and top with slices of sharp cheddar. Place restuffed potatoes on a cookie sheet and broil for another minute or two until cheese has melted. Top with scallions, bacon, sour cream.

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Melissa@Julia's Bookbag

Oh this looks soooo yummy! I love potato in any form, especially this way! And get this, my husband AND my daughter have nothing but disdain for the potato. Crazytown! This is also a guy who doesn’t like CAKE. Sigh. What do with this kind of insanity?


Even better: you can freeze them! I make a big batch and freeze a bunch for later. Pop them in the oven and 45 minutes later (at 400) they are ready to devour. Yum!

Lisa (This Little Piggy)

I practically grew up on baked potatoes…but I forget to do them for my kids as there is never enough time. You could cook them on the grill to save the oven going on, or start in the microwave and finish in the oven.


Your blog makes me smile. I just wanted you to now that. When I read certain posts to my husband, it makes him smile too.


It is my daughter’s night to pick dinner and she chose “baked potato dinner” tonight. Perfect opportunity to try thy the twice baked method. Also, try the Trader Joe’s shredded Gruyere/Swiss on your baked potatoes with bacon. So so so good.

Nicole Hunn

One of my three children doesn’t like potatoes. She will tolerate french fries. She is as puzzled by this as I am. Okay, maybe she’s a little less puzzled. But what kid doesn’t like potatoes? She doesn’t. Come to think of it, it really gets on my nerves because it’s hard to make a dish where potatoes are present in an at all obvious way.



To make your life even easier, bake the bacon in the oven while the potatoes cook. It should take about 10-15 minutes and no stove top mess! I always cook bacon in the oven.


We love twice-baked potatoes at our house. Surprisingly, though, no one is a fan of sour cream on top of the baked potato (weird, I know), so I use it to bind the filling. One of our favorite combinations is ham and Gruyere. I always imagine that a twice-baked potato is an excellent vessel for warmed leftovers.

I found your blog by way of Bon Appetit magazine. Your column elicited laughs when I read aloud. Looking forward to more.