Friday Reading and Eating

The best Bon Appetit recipes of all time, according to readers. Including Thai Beef with Basil, which is 100% on my dinner line-up next week.

I admit it: I cried.

How asking five questions allowed one dad to eat dinner with his kids.

{On the other hand, why bother with family dinner when there’s Family Breakfast?}

Nancy Jo Sales, author of American Girls, talks with Fresh Air about social media and the secret lives of teenagers.

When designers make food faces for their kids.

In the category of “something you don’t read everyday:” A positive take on screen time.

Cool Cabinet Designs

WHOA! Nice kitchen, Seth Meyers!

The Case for Quitting Your Job

My friend Amie, possibly the most positive person I know in spite of dealing with all kinds of debilitating illnesses, fought those illnesses with good, clean food. (And won!) Now she has a book out, and I’m guessing someone you know needs it.

Sarah Before Seven strikes again.

Abby and her cousin Amanda, also 12 years old, recently bonded over this book. (Which I know I’ve mentioned here before.) I read it, too and I get it: What a story.

Speaking of YA books I’ve read and loved (and made everyone in the house read and love) we’re seeing this play tomorrow.

OrangeGate at Whole Foods

Ever dream of working with Jean-Georges? Here’s your chance.

Lastly, I’ve been busy putting the final touches on my next book — it heads to the printer later this month and I can’t wait to tell you all about it. Soon, soon, soon!

Have a great weekend.

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I always look forward to your blog posts, especially your round-ups and this one is especially satisfying! Lots of good links to savor through the weekend, with a bonus dessert–a new book!

Maureen @Raising The Capable Student

For one week (during my daughter’s standardized testing week I’m ashamed to admit) I managed to give us all a hot breakfast before we ran out the door. It was a good feeling, but not good enough to summon the energy to do it since then, but that article has inspired me to make it happen again.

MB @ Bourbon and Brown Sugar

Thank you so much for sharing the piece about Lucy’s home makeover… I read and loved When Breath Becomes Air… what a lovely, amazing gift to her. Also, I’m a school librarian, and had just put I Will Always Write Back on our summer reading list for 7th and 8th graders – such a fabulous story. I’m thinking The Curious Incident needs to be added as well. Love your blog! Thanks so much!


We always had hot family breakfast growing up. When I was little, my dad’s work situation didn’t permit dinner, and when I was older, my sister and I had after-school activities that made dinner difficult, but hot breakfast was non-optional, five days a week. I hope to do the same for my child.

The Healthy Apple

Thank you so much Jenny! YOU are amazing and I am so grateful for you including my book here. Sending you so much love and big hugs.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!