Friday Reading and Eating

What we’re reading and eating this week:

Everything you need for Memorial Day Grilling.

“You might think running would wear you out and down, but it rejuvenates me and fills my tank. On the hardest, most trying days, a great run gives me the right mindset to take any and all of it on. On a day off, it brings me calm and peace.” My thoughts exactly, Christina Tosi

Why one mom thinks sleepaway camp gives her kids a competitive edge.

67 Things to Do For Free in New York.

Nine Awesome Hostess Gifts

An oyster pan for the grill — yessss!

Banana sushi!

This 30-minute dinner came in my Marley Spoon meal kit a few weeks ago, but I’ve repeated it twice since all by myself.

I was so happy when I heard about Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival, but not as happy as I was when I stumbled upon a blogger who listed all 339 books that Rory Gilmore read over the course of the series, and challenged himself to read every one of them.

This upside down cake was amazing.

Molly’s advice for cooking with a young kid. (See Number 14.)

Listen of the Week: Michael Pollan fights charges of elitism, shares how he fixed his son’s white-food-only phase, and is his usual articulate self on all the issues that matter in food activism. (One more thing: Do not call him a foodie.)

Diet After Divorce: Men vs. Woman.

This is already our song of summer. (I’m such a sucker.)

Who wants to hook up me and my Hamilton-soundtrack-obssesed family with tickets? (No link. Just a straight-up cry for help.)

Have a great holiday.

Photo credit: Bon Appetit

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Love your song of summer. I think it’s going to be ours, too. As soon as I read it, I thought that’s what it would be. It’s just so catchy.


I like the Crate and Barrel oyster plate, but it reminded me of The Oyster Bed. Two friends of mine back home invented this oyster plate dish, while also spreading awareness of the eroding Gulf Coast. You would like the story of the two brothers who created it:

Thank you for your blog… and book. I enjoy them immensely!


That article about sleepaway camp has been up on my laptop since I read it a couple weeks ago. I’ve been thinking about camps for my boys, and I think next summer we will take the plunge. Not the whole summer, because I do value summertime also for time to connect as a family. But a couple weeks? Sounds good to me.

I also wanted to comment and say that for years I’ve read your blog and have been not quite able to relate to your busy sports-filled evenings – the concept of a “sneal” being not quite understandable. Well…with two boys both playing baseball and soccer this spring, I wanted to say to you: I get it. We are experts in the sneal now, as well as the “shower while I get dinner ready” approach. It’s hard. My home-cooked meals are suffering, and I am relying more on leftovers and very very quick meals like egg sandwiches and pasta. But that’s okay. It’s a phase, a season. Summer’s coming. I’m bookmarking recipes to make once the season ends. Happy Summer!


My first reaction is, sorry, there’s no way in hell you are seeing Hamilton. However, Jessica’s link is great! Thanks, Jessica! If I lived nearby, I would totally go watch this.

I just checked Hamilton ticket prices yesterday and they were minimum about $800 each. They are higher each time I look. 🙁

Also, Maureen, you are not the last person to watch Gilmore Girls. I am still seriously considering watching it sometime!


On Hamilton tickets…It was my super bowl. Do it! So many folks would not blink one second to pay $800 for a sporting event ticket. You won’t regret it!!!!!!!


I love JT. Such a great song for the summer and a fun antidote for this miserable season of politics! Good luck with Hamilton – we are going to see it when it comes to San Francisco. We got the WHOLE SEASON of 6 six shows for less than $800. Thanks for the fun links, and for all the great posts! I always love reading your blog.