Friday Round-up

What I’m reading and eating this week:

I finally watched Chef last night. A lot of solid food-nerd moments in there, but my favorite was when the Jon Favreau character showed me exactly how chefs (and food stylists) make pasta look so pretty. (Like what you’re looking at above.) You wind the noodles around one of those long two-tine forks while it’s still in the pan, then tip it perpendicularly on to your plate.

Top 50 Scariest Short Stories of All Time

Genius or a Cry for Help? Place cards made out of stenciled butternut squash. (Verdict: genius.)

My 12-year-old is addicted to Serial, the new podcast series from This American Life — think true crime meets documentary meets Ira Glass. (Note: I recommend parents listen to the first episode to determine if it’s appropriate for your kids.)

I’m coming back as Mimi Thorisson in my next life.

Enough with the food fetishizing? (Boy, someone’s cranky)

Speaking of which, we can all relax now that Crinkle Cuts are back.

This pie dish is perfect.

Leftover Candy Cookies Thin, chewy, crispy “galley” cookies with chocolate, pretzels, and then some.

How to Eat Cheap By Eating Vegan

Does calling someone a “mommy blogger” delegitimize her? One badass Mommy Blogger weighs in.

Gochujang Pork Shoulder Steaks: OhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhBoyOhBoy

Baking Nerds rejoice: Dorie Greenspan’s latest is finally here.

I love these dinner plates — not just because they are designed by Massimo Vignelli, but because they remind me of my best friend’s childhood kitchen. (Whaddup Rosa?)

Lastly, Mazel Tov to my beautiful chocolate-loving niece who will become a bat mitzvah tomorrow. We are all so proud of you Alison! xoxoxo

Photo by Dana Gallagher for Kitchen Repertoire.

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I share your 12 year olds addiction. Slate’s Spoiler Special podcast has started discussing the eps (starting with episode 5), so if she wants to hear another podcast of smart people talking about Serial, she should check it out.


One caveat- they refer to a reddit thread that goes into lots of detail about the case, so you may want to decide ahead of time what your response would be if she wants to go down the rabbit hole of reddit. I am avoiding it (podcast + podcast-about-podcast = already too much time. But, topically, I can listen while I make dinner!)

Nicole @ thejameskitchen

Yes, the prong trick, I remember that from the restaurant I used to work in. Got to revive that one. The Gochujang pork, they sound divine, I have a post-it on both recipes on the exact page of that (print) edition and we’re having the shortribs (same page) tonight!

Mimi Thorisson, me too! Absolutely charming, I am keeping the book for the weekend to delight in.

Happy Halloween and great short story list, checking it now.


Mary Ann

The Serial podcast is awesome! I binge-listened to all available episodes while doing yard work last weekend. Leaf removal has never been so enjoyable!


Oh, I would love to be Mimi Thorisson in another life! Only on the second episode of Serial and I’m obsessed!


I don’t agree that the Lanchester/New Yorker article is cranky at all – that’s a crit intended to solidly diminish the point it makes. I think it’s a considerate and pretty fair-minded bit of commentary – I love food, and I totally agree with him.

Bettina Elias Siegel (The Lunch Tray)

Jenny: DALS is one of my favorite recipe sites (I was literally recommending it to a dinner-challenged friend this very morning), so it made my day all the more to see that I’ve been referred to here as a “bad ass mommy blogger!” Thanks for sharing with your readers my essay on that tricky subject. – Bettina

Laura Kies Gever

I just had to comment, as a fellow Larchmonter (is that a thing?) and a big fan of your blog. My sister, Abigail, also spent a great deal of time in Rosa’s kitchen and says the lentils were her only exposure to legumes (other than peanut butter). She is vegan now, so maybe that was part of the inspiration. My sister, thanks to Rosa, entrusted the chocolate cake recipe to me but I have yet to make it. There is no excuse for not making it. By all accounts, it is fabulous.
Anyway, just wanted to say hello and bask in a moment of nostalgia for my the cooking of my childhood.
And…we had the same MOMA dishes!