Friday Round-up

This month’s Providers column for Bon Appetit: It’s Beginning to Taste a Lot Like Christmas (Photo credit above: Columbia/Kobal)

Dear Holderness Family, Please adopt me. Thanks! Love, Jenny.

If I can’t make this Animated World Film Festival (which I first learned about here) I will definitely make a point to put some of these kids’ movies on my 2014 T0-See list.

A book you will be hearing about a lot in 2014. (Gonna get going on my advanced copy over the holidays.)

Do you suffer from Instagram Envy?

To categorize under the rarely deployed title “Unanimously Loved By All at Family Table:” Brown Sugar & Mustard-Glazed Salmon. It took 20 minutes and rocked Abby’s world.

Last week, I reviewed a few books for the Times.

Our soon-to-be-annual holiday ritual: A glass of this with Andy in one of our more favorite bars in NYC.

There are two new posts on Nerd Alert, my daughter’s book blog: The Giver and, hot off the presses, George O’Connor’s Aphrodite. (By the way, O’Connor is half way through his Olympian series and a stack of those first six would probably make the right kid extremely happy on Christmas morning.)

My friends Sue and Alan are having their annual holiday open house this weekend and while I’m excited to hang out with them, I’m really excited to hang out with Sue’s Mocha Butter Balls.

A one-size-fits-all present for any family. (Forgive me.)

Have a good weekend!

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hey there – read this column in BA. I thought there was a little line that there would be a link to the carrot recipe online, but at the time it wasn’t working. Do you know if that recipe is online somewhere?