Halloween House Party

There was a solid stretch of years where our kids were very, very into Halloween. At any given moment, no matter the time of year – March, August; hell, even November – if you asked them what they were going to dress up as next time, they’d have an answer for you. As soon as the last Butterfinger was down the hatch, they’d start plotting whether to be Hermione or Vampire Cheerleader or Little Orphan Annie next year.

Halloween is still pretty huge for them, even though it ain’t like it used to be. Kids grow up, but that doesn’t mean their parents move on. We still hang the old ghost by the front door and plant the flashing eyeballs in the bushes, and on the actual day itself, we take the afternoon off to help apply fake blood and green hairspray – and to prep for our annual Halloween Launch Party.

For the rest of the story (and for the kick-ass Halloween Party Chicken Chorizo Chili you are looking at above), head over to Bon Appetit, who has excerpted the HTCE Launch Party chapter for our October Providers column. While you are there, check out BA Best: The 101 Recipes You Need to Know How to Cook.

Photo by Burt Glinn/Magnum Photos for Bon Appetit; Chili: Alex Lau for Bon Appetit.

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We love hosting a casual dinner for Halloween. But I can’t do chili- because (gulp) we live in Texas, and I (whisper) put beans in my chili. I’d be kicked out of this state faster than you can say “Lonesome Dove.” So, I usually make up a couple of chicken pot pies ahead of time, and serve them up with a big crudite plate. Grownups drink ginger beer with bourbon and apple cider.


Who is the kid in the picture? A classic photo, with what looks like a homemade costume (my favorite kind!).