Hello, Old Friend!

We made this Spicy Shrimp with Yogurt over the weekend because my friend Robin had texted me a photo of it, rediscovering the meal after poking around in the DALS archives. (You would laugh at the percentage of our text thread that is dinner-related. Thank you, Robin!) The meal had not graced our table for a very long time, and it was crazy how much those flavors, that pinch of cinnamon, the cool yogurt cutting the heat, brought us back to such a specific time in our parenting lives, when we spent half our afternoon in a car shepherding the kids and their friends to various activities around the county, Meghan Trainor and Katy Perry on the radio. The other thing I loved so much about the meal? How freaking fast it came together. The hardest thing is making the spice mixture, which isn’t actually hard at all, and after that it’s 10 minutes in the fry pan. Add one of those Near East couscous boxes and you’ve got something pretty special for a regular old weeknight.

[Under the category of Make New Friends But Keep the Old, we served the shrimp with our new favorite salad, a chicory-gorgonzola-hazelnut number, which will be arriving in subscriber inboxes later in the week.]

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