I Have a Question

Which is more exciting?

a) Eating dinner at Per Se, at a table overlooking Central Park, on a warm spring night, holding a tasting menu that looks like this (only five of about thirteen courses shown):


b) returning home from that Per Se dinner and finding this note stuck to your front door…

Here’s a hint.

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Melissa: that is the beauty of a tasting menu: I got to eat all of that and then some.


ditto what Kendra said: what’d they pack?

also: i love how editing clearly runs in the family (if not subject/predicate pronoun clarity).

A Plum By Any Other Name

Good thing the lunches were packed … I’m guessing there wouldn’t have been any leftovers for the next day.

Brilliant use of a contract, I’ve got to start doing that more often …


Kendra & 654. This is what they packed: Peanut butter sandwiches, fruit leathers from Trader Joes, “pita puffs” from TJoes, one apricot each, baby carrots, granol bars, a thermos filled with water. We sneaked in chocolate filled shortbread cookies from the Per Se goody bag as tokens of our appreciation.


oh, be still my heart! how old are your girls? i’m looking for ammunition in getting my 7 (8 in september) year old going in this direction.


Ok Jenny, I’m completely jealous on both fronts. I was just trying to convince E&S that it would make them feel so good (and me so happy) if they started making
their own lunches. No lunches made yet and no per se in my near foreseeable future. Btw heard a promo for you on Everyday Food but didn’t make it back to the car in time for the segment. So sorry I missed it!


I almost got teary when I read your girls’ note. I have twin toddler girls and hate– HATE– packing lunches. This trumps Per Se for sure.


Not to in any way diminish the fabulousness of kids packing their own lunches (a milestone up there with potty training, I think), but kid notes are the sweetest thing ever. My daughter loves to leave post it notes around the house for us and they never fail to cheer/choke me up. Love it!


Oh that note, too sweet. And the hysterical lunch contract is the first thing I read on Dinner A Love Story! Love it.

p.s I just used my fingers to count 15 +8 for your comment security question…very sad to admit.