Ingredients I Always Have on Hand

Back in the day,
when I was teaching myself how to cook at home, I used to plan a trip to the grocery store like I was an NFL offensive coordinator — there were manic notes and strategies and maps of aisles and maybe even headsets, I can’t remember. But now? I’ve been cooking for my family of four for so long, I know exactly what I need to have on hand to eat well all day, all week, all year long. Throwing you over to Cup of Jo for the rundown…

Photo credit: Christine Han for Cup of Jo.

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Have you made the one-chip cookies from Cookies by Dorie Greenspan? They are my tween’s FAVORITE and so cute and bite-sized. Highly recommend!


oh – and I couldn’t find jarred harissa that was less than spicy, so now make my own and prefer the flavor – it just doesn’t last that long… I’d add lemons!


Just popping in because I feel like I’ve seen a few of these “what I always have on hand posts” across the Internet. But holy moly, yours is soooo inspired! I mean you can mix eggs and toast, eggs and harissa, eggs and green beans (I have not tried this but sounds just my style and next up on the list! yum!), eggs and avo, eggs and avo and toast, toast and avo, toast and chick peas, … I mean the list goes on and on. There are some definite additions I’ll be making to my cupboard. And, I mostly loved that you didn’t offer the obvious recipe suggestion with these items! Roasted chickpeas, eggs with green beans… Plus, the addition of the unexpected miso and wonton wrappers…. And, you’re a fellow bourbon lover so it really didn’t matter what else was in the piece!