Pots, Pans, & Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

In my first book, Dinner: A Love Story, I wrote a letter to my former, newly engaged self, walking her through a wedding registry and advising on the items that would earn their keep and the ones that would end up selling for two bucks at a future garage sale. It was satisfying to read the round-up again a decade later because the pots, pans, and gear I stood by then, I still stand by today. So, since I get asked about gear more than almost anything else, I’ve finally assembled a list of all my favorites (plus a few extras) all in one place….

Le Creuset 7 1/4-quart Dutch Oven

For soups, stews, braises, and the kind of food that make a house smell like home.

Amazon | Le Creuset | Williams Sonoma

Dansk 2-quart Kobenstyle Casserole

The classic pot never leaves the stovetop because I use it for rice, pasta, soups, but also because it’s so gorgeous to look at.

Amazon | Food52

Lodge Cast 10 1/4-inch Iron Skillet

Hardest working skillet in my kitchen by far — and can’t beat the price.

Amazon | Lodge | Williams Sonoma

Tramontina Nonstick 10-inch Fry Pan

This is a relatively recent discovery compared to the rest on this list, but it’s a true game-changer. I use for perfect eggs, pancakes, fried fish and chicken every time. And clean-up is a cinch.

Amazon | Walmart

Carbon Steel 14-inch Wok with Metal Side Handle

Recommend by Kenji himself, this one is just the right size for family stir-fries.

Wokshop | Amazon (similar)

Duralex Mixing Bowl Set

Space-saving, durable, and classic.

Amazon | Walmart | Duralex

Oxo Good Grips Stainless Steel 9-inch Locking Tongs

Pretty much the only two-in-one piece of kitchen gear I will reliably endorse — interchangeably stirs and grabs tofu, meat, vegetables, you name it.

Amazon | Sur La Tabla | Bed Bath & Beyond

Nakano Chef’s Knife Set

Nakano FYI: I partner with Nakano because I love their high-quality, affordable knives: Subscribe to my newsletter to get the discount codes when they come up.

Miyabi 8-inch Chef’s Knife

The workhorse of the knife block. A comfortable handle, a thin, precise blade and just right amount of heft.

Amazon | Zwilling | Sur La Tabla

Victorinox 4-inch Serrated Paring Knife

Initially purchased for the kids when they were just learning how to chop and cook, I ended up buying a whole set and use them for fruit (especially grapefruits), tomatoes, and at the dinner table on nights when pork chops or steak are on the menu.

Amazon | Victorinox | Walmart

Oxo 11-Pound Stainless Food Scale

I use this all the time for recipe writing and testing, but it’s also invaluable for serious bakers.

Amazon | Williams-Sonoma | Walmart

Microplane Mini Zester

For all your zesting needs and for transforming Parm into pillowy clouds.

Amazon | Williams Sonoma

Microplane Cheese Grater

I love this for those nights when I don’t feel like breaking out the food processor — excellent for vegetables like zucchini, carrots, and onion. And yes, hard cheese.

Amazon | Walmart | Everything Kitchens

Kuhn Rikon Vegetable Peeler

I learned the hard way that when it comes to this very basic tool, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy grips and design. You can’t improve upon this classic. I own three of them because they are in constant use.

Amazon | Kuhn Rikon | Walmart

Cuisinart Mini-Prep Food Processor

Invaluable for emulsifying fresh sauces and dressings.

Amazon | Cuisinart | Macys

Cuisinart 60-Ounce 2.25 Horsepower Hurricane Blender

For smoothies, pureed soups, milkshakes — a high quality blender really takes certain foods from good to great.

Amazon | Crate & Barrel | Walmart

Krups Precision Coffee Grinder

We drink a LOT of coffee in our house, which means this thing is constantly in use. I love that you can do a lot at once (8 ounces) and it allows a wide range of customizable grinds.

Amazon | Krups | Walmart

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