More Reasons to Pick up Time for Dinner…

As if you need more than the Potato-Chard “Lasagna” in Chapter 4???!!! For real: I’m pleased to report that Time for Dinner continues to get some nice ink. (Pixels?) Here is a recent  Q&A I did with ivillage, and my co-author Alanna’s write-up in Martha Stewart’s really fun new living-with-kids blog The Family Room and a review from my hero, Corina at Nonchalant Mom. We are also honored to be part of an awesome cookbook round-up from Food in Jars, and (I’m late on this one) Babble excerpted a few good recipes that might give you a taste of what’s to come before you order your very own copy. Happy eating!

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I am going to give a hardy “Make this one” to the potato chard dish. It was one of the first things I made from the book and I was not sure how it would go over. I have some very picky eaters in my family. (read that to mean they like everything but what I make that night). Anyway, everyone loved this! My husband and son #1 did ask what the green stuff was. I think I mumbled something about spinich or something…I was worried the word CHARD would turn them off. For sone #2 I called it salad potatoes. If I add the word salad he will eat it. Anyway, loved by all. Make all the time. Still think the chard is spinich or something. P.S., I also have a little hero worship giong on with Nonchalant Mom.


Your book is on my Xmas list. Can’t wait to get it and try out all the recipes!
You know I cut out all the food sections from my old Cookie magazines and put them in a binder?

cara moretti

ah ok, i should have known to check here first! full of good info…and, serendipitously, a recipe for the chard that’s wilting in my fridge as my next csa box is delivered!


Just got my 2nd copy of your book this week. This one to give away at a “my favorite things” themed party. Love it!


Just received your book for my birthday after dropping some no-so-subtle hints, and made this tonight. Simple and lovely. Thank you!