Happy New Year Everyone!

I am so excited (read: terrified) to announce that Dinner: A Love Story is growing up. As of this week, you’ll find all new DALS content over at my brand new Substack platform.

If you are like me, and detest transitions, you will probably need some reassurance right away and so here it is:

Nothing terrible is happening! In fact it’s the opposite! I will continue to post recipes, news about The Weekday Vegetarians, and the “Pantry, Project, Purpose” series a few times a week, and you can access all that the same way you’ve always accessed it. The biggest difference is that now my posts will also automatically be delivered to your inbox, newsletter-style.

All of this will be FREE as always!

The fun part is that this new platform allows me to experiment with new ways to create a tighter community, so if you decide to become a paid subscriber, that means you’ll get content on top of what you’re used to: additional recipes and subscriber-only access to live chats with me about menu ideas (i.e., Tell Me What’s in Your Fridge), reader Q+A’s, comment threads, podcasts, personalized, insider book previews, detailed daily vacation itineraries, and a lot more I’m sure I’ll come up with as we go along.

Of course, you’ll also be supporting Dinner: A Love Story as it heads into its next decade — and that means more to me than you can imagine.

After blogging for ten years, all of this feels new and interactive and in spite of my terror, I’m really fired up to see what we can do with it. As my new favorite person Alexi Pappas says, “Pay attention to when you’re nervous. It usually means something exciting is happening.”

If you’re already a DALS newsletter subscriber, but you want to try out the upgrades, or if you’re not a subscriber, you can do either of those things here (it takes 2.5 seconds). If you can’t remember whether you’re a newsletter subscriber or not, that link will tell you.

To continue follow me via RSS feed, you’ll need to add this URL to your RSS reader:

Whatever reading plan you choose, recipes for that delicious looking zero-cream creamy pasta and these brothy braised beans are waiting for you!

Here’s that link again!

As my old tennis coach, Jackie used to ask: Questions? Comments? Derogatory Remarks? Ask away below!

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Yay! So excited to support you directly after YEARS of reading. I would love love for subscribers to see more of what you are reading, movies you’re watching, or recipes you’re cooking in your newsletter. Especially now that we’re all home those distraction recommendations are so extremely welcome!


Happy to subscribe, but can you explain the difference between an annual membership and founding member?
Thanks and congrats!


As of right now, it means personal access, which will probably translate to FaceTime cooking consultations, free event invitations, and free books. I’m sure I’ll come up with more things as we go along.


Oh no – will there be no way of reading your posts without signing up for a newsletter? As much as I love your content, as a person with a perpetually overflowing inbox newsletters are something I actively avoid (that being said, I obviously understand your reasoning for changing things up!)


Hi there! Is the only way to view your new content via email subscription? My email inbox is a beast so I still like to use an RSS reader for blogs like yours. I’d hate to miss out on everything going forward!


Congratulations! I am excited to subscribe and support your work. Your blog and recipes (especially the PPP series) bring us such comfort during this strange and challenging time. Thank you!!

Heather B.

THIS and YOU make me soo happy! I’m thrilled to be able to support you as you grow. And my kids will love to learn this too. They’ve asked when I’ll ever get to meet you because I act like we’re on a first name basis when I present one of your recipes to them. Congratulations on choosing to be terrified and growing! We’ll all benefit from it. 🙂


This made me laugh Heather. This new platform means I’ll be able to visit more kitchens (virtually at least) — I’d love to say hi to your kids who sound like they have great taste 🙂


Can I access the artichoke pasta recipe without signing up for the newsletter? Following you on Instagram works great for me 🙂


Congratulations! Sounds good. But what about comments? How does that work with Substack/
Keep doing what you do.


I feel like I’ve grown up along with your blog; started reading as a 20-something year old journalist in NYC and have continued reading as I got engaged/married, moved across the country, bought a house in the burbs and had a kid of my own. In a lot of ways, I feel like my trajectory has mirrored the wonderful family story of your first book and cook out of it so often that your short ribs are my signature Christmas Eve dish and the pages are falling apart. I’ve given it as too many wedding shower gifts to count! I am so am so excited to become a founding member!