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“I’m up way past my bedtime trying to read too many of your posts in one sitting. Such a wonderful find for me! Thank you for this site, and your great balance of striving for wholesome cooking without striving for perfection/guilt. We can’t stand dry chicken, so your yogurt-marinated grilled chicken will become a new standard for us—thanks!  The big hit though was the asperagus. We’ve done it on the grill before, but I don’t know that I’d used kosher salt on it before and I think that is what won my 5 & 2 yr old over (my 8 yr old would eat asperagus every night if I could afford it). We’re away from home this summer, and not being in our home kitchen has been an excuse to do less real cooking. I’ve actually missed it, and your blog has me re-enthused.” — Deirdre

“Just dropping you a quick note to let you know that we inaugurated Time for Dinner with the sweet and sour chicken with plums recipe tonight.  The adults loved it, and the nine-month old demanded tastes and proceeded to devour a huge portion of both the chicken and the plums.  The three-year old ate white rice, plus two bites of chicken when our praise for his sister’s enthusiasm became too much to bear.  This is success in my house!” — Molly

“Thank you for introducing me to the tomato sandwich. I simply don’t know how I survived 35 summers without it.” —Jodie

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Hi –
I love you website and cookbook!!! I love the large chalk board that you show in one of pictures. I ordered the one mentioned in Whole Living magazine but it is really small. Did you double up on the one pictured? Thanks