Salmon Rice Bowl

Have you guys found the recipe for sushi rice on page 165 of the cookbook yet? And have you found the recipe for the salmon teriyaki in the “restaurant replication” section (p. 112)? I have! And that’s what was for dinner last night — a combo of the two: Rice bowl with Salmon, and crumbled on top: those Trader Joe’s dried seaweed chips which have inexplicably become Abby’s new fairy dust. Put it on anything and dinner goes down the hatch. (Ketchup? So 2010!) I served with Andy’s favorite side dish from when he was a kid– a halved avocado filled with ginger dressing. Only at his childhood dinner table, I believe the dressing of choice was Wishbone Italian.

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I thought my family was the only one to eat an avocado like that – with Wishbone Italian too!


We have been addicted to the dried seaweed here at our house for months now! But we call them Mermaid Chips 🙂 And I’m loving your ketchup comment….wondering if my 3-year-old will buy the “so 2010″….it’s worked so well for us the past 365 days. Can’t wait to bust out the rice bowls next week….look at me, I’m meal planning a week ahead!


I love hearing about people’s childhood foods. I didn’t even know what an avocado was until I was about 20, so I’m amazed that people grew up eating those.

I haven’t seen those seaweed chips at our Trader Joe’s, but I will definitely be looking out for them on my next visit! They sound great.