The 1080

I’ve made it clear how much I love my 6:00 cocktail. But since most of you have only known me for six months or so, I’m not sure I’ve made it clear enough how much I love my summer vacation cocktail. It’s been tempting to relax the 6:00 rule on the Dark & Stormy since I’ve been relaxing the rules on pretty much everything else this vacation (“Of course I’ll load your Pez dispenser for the second time in 15 minutes!”*) but so far, I’ve been pretty good about it. (I keep hearing my father-in-law’s theory on the 6:00 start time: “It’s important to me that I exercise some restraint.”)

It makes me think back nine years ago when I was vacationing in the very same week in the very same house and too afraid to relax the rules on drinking while pregnant even for one night. It was August and peaches were as sweet and perfect as they are right now so as soon as the sun went over the Yardarm, Andy would mix up a pitcher of my very own virgin cocktail: apricot or mango nectar, lime juice, club soda, strawberries and a handful of fresh sliced peaches (measurements pretty much to taste). We called the drink “The 1080,” named after the house number where we stay, and it was so good that whenever the peaches are good enough (even when I’m not pregnant) I mix one up and raise a glass to my third grader (how is it possible that she is in third grade?). Then I pour the Goslings.

*It’s a little embarrassing how many examples I had to choose from for this parenthetical. Runner-up: No folding the girls clothes: Each of them has one drawer and all their shorts, Ts, sundresses, swimsuits, and underwear get tossed into them right from the laundry basket.

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love your recipes, writing and photos. very inspiring. BUT sometimes 6:00 is just too late! thanks for all the great ideas. i will be following…


such a legit, street-creddy cocktail name, too, considering its closeness, scanwise, to 420! (although mathmatically, it’s much closer to an IRS number.)


Not folding clothes? That’s the best you can do for summer debauchery? C’mon girl, get back to me after the 11-hour SpongeBob marathon.


I am not a drinker in general and so I rate bars by the ability of the bartender to come up with a good drink for a pregnant woman. You would rate high on that scale!

BTW, my cookbook arrived and I am incapable of NOT making things from it. I had other stuff ready to go but the siren call of the chicken with plums and sweet pork rolls and the potato pizza made me stick the other stuff in the freezer and go for those instead. Yum. Thanks!


thanks for the dark and stormy – we used it on our family vacation last week – hot and humid in the boundary waters??? anyways it was perfect. LOVE you blog too


Wow, I’m loving the Blenheim ginger ale here. That’s a rare treat, even in the southeast. Where in the world were you able to procure this up north? Maybe there is hope for us on the west coast as well? Maybe?

I know that there is a Duke’s mayo fan out there who follows this site too, you probably are familiar with the overall greatness and rarity of Blenheim.