This Week in Insta-Inspiration

Tomatoes, basil, corn, stone fruits, lobster, berries, al fresco dining! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Sure, I could throw you to the DALS archives for a little tableside inspiration (our summer salad series comes to mind at once) but instead, I thought I’d show how a few of my favorite instagrammers are celebrating the bounty.

I’m pretty sure everyone I know has made his or her own version of Vongole in the past week — including us. (For proof, see mine and @andyward15‘s feed.) But I’m certain only @wednesdaychef‘s sweet little Hugo was cute enough to get away with eating it shirtless.

Heirlooms, basil, burrata, and olive oil — nothing we haven’t seen before, and yet…it never. gets. old. Especially when it’s composed like this on a plate like that, @taradonnephoto

It’s pretty hard to convince me to do anything with an apricot besides eat it out-of-hand and whole, but this treatment? Roasted with ricotta and honey? Yeah, this might be the exception. Nice, @kitchenrepertoire.

Again, tomatoes and mozzarella, but @rapo4, as always, gives you a little learning in the caption. More olive oil and salt than you think — OK, then!

Yes, we call them “lamb pops” in my house, too @dashandbella, but, no, we’ve never thought to douse them in garden-fresh pesto. (PS: Nice nail polish, Phyllis!)


That is vacation on a plate, @allielewisclapp and my summer will not be complete til I’ve found my own beachside batch of lobster rolls to maul. (Or maybe I’ll just make my own.)

And…another from @allie. I’m not gluten-free, but these shortcut GF blueberry-packed pancakes might have to end up on my breakfast table anyway.

It’s hard to get me to turn on the oven in the middle of August, but if @aprilbloomfield is telling me to do it, then who am I to question? (Not sure what she ended up doing with her roasted vegetables, but something tells me it wouldn’t be so terrible to toss with pasta or heap on toasts with ricotta.)

@madhungrylsq — always good for a little breakfast love. I’m totally throwing corn and shishito peppers into my next weekend hash.

Everything @chefjodywilliams makes looks like the best version of itself (even when it’s blurry!) There’s aioli in my fridge right now thanks to this gram.

I had a few of @brad_leone‘s mad-scientist green juice concoctions when we were working in the same office last year — and I really like how this one has taken a decidedly tropical turn. Time to rev up the Vitamix.

I’m not entirely sure what was going on here with the face-off — all I know is that 1) those are some gorgeous looking summer figs right there and 2) @lianapq and @yolandaedwards were some lucky party girls.

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Yes, lobster rolls! Headed to New England in 2 days to get my fill of lobster, fried clams, and chowdah! May have to take my jar of purple basil-infused simple syrup with me for those fabulous gin cocktails. cheers!